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Screw-retained vs. Cement-retained Implants

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What is the difference between screw-retained implant and cement-retained implant?

In dental implant treatment, tooth measurement is taken after the implant fuses with the jawbone. Tooth crown is prepared according to the measure taken. At this stage, two basic methods are used for the implant tooth to be positioned on the implant screw placed in the jaw.  The first and traditional method used for positioning and fixing the implant tooth is the cement-retained method.

In this method, the second part (abutment) where the tooth will be positioned is placed on the main implant body in the jawbone. On top of this second part (abutment), the tooth is fixed with special dental adhesives. In this way, the implant tooth consisting of 3 parts, the artificial tooth root, the crown and the abutment where the crown is positioned, is completed. This system was inspired by the bonding of the veneer on the natural tooth, which was reduced while the veneer was made.

In implant treatments performed with this method, the adhesive overflowing around the tooth can damage the gingival tissue and cause various complications. Due to the disadvantages of this system, the bonding method is not used very often anymore.

Screw-retained: In the implant treatment with the screw system, the visible tooth in the mouth is fixed by screwing on the artificial tooth root. This implant system consists of 2 parts, not 3 parts. This increases the durability of the screw thread. Another advantage of this system is that the tooth can be removed by turning the screw in case of a situation requiring intervention to the tooth. After the necessary intervention, the tooth is put back in its place. It is also easy to intervene in a gingival problem in a screw-retained implant tooth.

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At this stage, one more question comes to the mind of the patients. Then “What is a screwless implant?”.

What is a screwless implant?

As it is known, implant is the process of placing a screw-shaped artificial tooth root made of titanium material into a cavity opened into the jawbone, screwing and fixing the tooth on it. In the screwless implant treatment, a cavity is made in the jawbone. Titanium implant material is placed in the opened cavity, but is not screwed into the jaw. The advantage of this method: Since the implant is not screwed, there is no loosening over time and no movement in the prosthetic teeth.