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Correct Tooth Brushing Technique and Its Importance

Many people acquire the habit of brushing teeth from an early age. However, if the teeth are not brushed with the right technique, oral hygiene cannot be adequately provided and the teeth may begin to decay. By brushing your teeth correctly, you can protect your dental health for many years.

Particles of the food we consume during the day remain on our teeth. These food residues begin to turn into dental plaque within 12 hours, then tartar formation occurs. Residues that stick to our teeth not only cause tartar, but also cause dental caries. Dental caries can be treated with procedures such as tooth filling and root canal treatment. In advanced dental caries, bridge and dental veneer treatments can be performed. Implant treatment can be applied to regain tooth function for teeth that cannot be treated and extracted teeth.

Even if the teeth can be saved with treatments, it is possible to use our natural teeth in a healthy way for a longer time. What needs to be done for this is to know and apply the right tooth brushing.

Tooth Brushing Training

Tooth brushing training is a training that every individual of all ages should receive. Because our teeth enable us to speak and make the sounds come out correctly. Most importantly, it helps the digestive system by breaking food into small pieces.

Digestion begins in the mouth. If there is no oral hygiene and healthy teeth, the first part of the system is problematic. Naturally, this problem can cause various health problems. Our teeth and mouth should be cleaned of bacteria at least twice a day.

Lack of regular brushing habits and improper brushing can cause tooth decay. For this reason, the right tooth brushing habit should be acquired from an early age. When children are still young, around one year old, the child's teeth should be brushed by their parents after eating, and the milk teeth should be protected in a healthy way until the natural loss of the milk tooth. Teeth and mouth should be cleaned with toothpaste and toothbrush, suitable for all ages.

How Tooth Brushing Is Done?

For correct and effective brushing:

  • First of all, age-appropriate toothbrushes should be selected,
  • Non-abrasive toothpastes suitable for age and dental health of the person should be preferred,
  • Toothpaste should be put on the brush in the size of chickpeas,
  • To prevent foaming during brushing and to extend the brushing time, toothpaste should be placed on the brush surface without getting the toothbrush wet.
  • The brush should be held at a right angle, at a 45-degree angle,
  • The brush should be touched first to the lower jaw and then to the upper jaw,
  • Brushing should be done from bottom to top on the lower jaw and from top to bottom on the upper jaw,
  • The gingiva should not be pushed with a brush in areas close to the gingiva. For this, a sweeping movement should be made from the gum to the tooth. The upper parts of the teeth should be cleaned with circular movements.
  • If bleeding occurs in the gums, a soft toothbrush should be preferred. (A dentist should be consulted, taking into account the possibility of gum diseases.)
  • These brushing movements should be applied to every surface in the mouth at least 12 -15 times,
  • The pressure applied to the tooth surface should be neither too low nor too high. Brushing with hard movements can damage the teeth and gums.
  • Tooth surfaces should be cleaned with a brushing as described in at least 2 minutes and an average of 3-5 minutes.
  • Since foods touch every point in the mouth, any area should not be skipped while brushing teeth.
  • Even if the teeth are brushed correctly, floss should be used every day. In this way, teeth should be cleaned from food that will create bacteria on the surfaces where the teeth come into contact with each other.
  • It should be used at least once a day in interface brushes and tongue cleaners.
  • Mouthwash should be used several times a week.