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Zirconium Crown & Veneers Teeth in Turkey - Antalya

The color and strength of the tooth structure may change in the process depending on the habits in daily life. Accordingly, complaints such as tooth sensitivity may occur over time. These complaints, which also have an effect on aging, may develop due to consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and acidic beverages. However, irregular and unhealthy diet, disruption of oral care and dentist controls also cause these complaints. A number of aesthetic procedures are required to eliminate these dental health problems that arise due to different reasons and to restore the changed teeth to their former health and appearance.

In dental aesthetic procedures, zirconium is one of the most used and preferred methods among tooth veneers options.

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What is Zirconium?

Zirconium found organically in nature; It is a white colored substance with a light-transmissive structure. Zirconium is brought together with oxygen in special laboratory environments, it is transformed into a ceramic form that is very close to the natural tooth structure and used in tooth veneers, and takes the name zirconia.

Why is Zirconia Veneers preferred? What are the Features of Zirconia Dental Veneers?

Zirconium Veneers:

  • It does not give a metallic taste that affects the mouth taste and creates discomfort.
  • the biological compatibility level is very high.
  • It has a strong structure against cracking, breaking and deformation.
  • It is compatible with the gingiva, does not cause changes in gingival color and bruising.
  • Teeth covered with zirconium do not cause gingival diseases when compared to other metal veneers
  • It does not turn yellow in the long term.
  • It can be applied to most tooth structures and any color tooth.
  • Its thermal conductivity is low.
  • It does not cause sensitivity problems in teeth and gums.
  • It is also a suitable method for allergic bodies, it does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Zirconium greatly reduces the formation of tartar due to its structure.
  • It can also be used on implant teeth.
  • It can be applied in bridge prostheses and single tooth veneers.
  • Zirconium is a natural substance, has a shiny and smooth texture.
  • It does not lose its glossy structure over time and does not become dull.
  • Since it is suitable for the natural structure of the tooth, it is not obvious that it has a tooth veneers.
  • It has a natural appearance.
  • Zirconium tooth veneers prevents the formation of dental plaque to a great extent.
  • It does not cause general health problems, it is not harmful.
  • It is a dental veneer option that can be used safely for years.
  • In line with these features and reasons, zirconium veneer is the most preferred dental veneer method.

How is Zirconia Dental Veneer made?

The patient who will have a zirconia veneer is subjected to a clinical examination and his oral and dental health is checked in detail. With the guidance of the dentist, medical imaging methods such as x-rays can be applied.

By applying local anesthesia, the patient's teeth are filed and reduced. During this procedure, the patient does not feel any pain. the dimensions of the tooth or all teeth to be covered with zirconium are taken with soft medical materials and 3D scanning methods. Color tones and options are determined in accordance with the wishes of the patient who will have dental veneers and delivered to the laboratory.

Temporary veneer teeth are placed in the mouth until the zirconium tooth or teeth leave the laboratory so that the patient is comfortable and does not have aesthetic concerns in terms of their reduced teeth.

The zirconium teeth of the patient who will have dental veneers are completed and made ready within 3 to 5 days. Prepared zirconium veneer teeth are placed in their place by removing the temporary teeth when deemed appropriate by the patient.

Nothing should be eaten or drunk until at least half an hour after the dental veneer process.

After the zirconium tooth veneers process, the patient should follow the periodic controls determined by the dentist and should not disrupt it.

Zirconium dental veneer application is performed by dentists who are specialized in their field and located in our clinic. to get detailed information about dental veneers and to perform your first examination, you can visit our clinic and make an appointment by contacting us via our contact information.

Who are those who have Zirconia Veneers?

Anyone who does not like the color, shape, strength and aesthetic appearance of their teeth when they smile can have a zirconium veneer application. the reasons for needing the veneer tooth method are as follows:

  • Diastema, that is, having too much space between teeth.
  • Lack of desired effect after tooth cleaning/whitening process.
  • Discoloration of the tooth due to many different reasons.
  • Carious tooth complaints due to genetics or different reasons.
  • Having deformed, crooked teeth.
  • Broken teeth by trauma.
  • Applying the dental veneer method after the implant procedure.
  • Elimination of the need for long bridge operations.
  • Having short/small teeth in terms of tooth structure or size.
  • Having an allergic reaction to other dental veneers, such as metal veneers.
  • Lack of number of teeth.
  • Having filled teeth that are not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Having lost the aesthetic appearance due to gingival recession, which is an oral health problem.
  • Using prosthetic teeth on implants in the anterior teeth group.
  • Having a veneer or bridge in the posterior tooth group.

How long does Zirconia teeth life?

Zirconium dental veneer varies from patient to patient in terms of service life. While patients who take care of their oral and dental health, do their care correctly and do not disrupt their doctor's examinations, can use the veneer tooth for a lifetime, while for some patients, this period may vary between 5 and 10 years.

As a result, you can easily use your zirconium tooth veneer, which is made by a specialist dentist by paying attention to your oral and dental health, for about 30 years.

What should be considered after Zirconia Tooth Veneer?

  • the recommendations given by the dentist should be followed.
  • Hard-shelled nuts, etc., should not be broken with teeth.
  • Avoid chewing gum, candy, paste, etc. sugary foods that stick to the teeth.
  • Nothing should be cut or torn using veneer teeth. Hard objects should not be bitten or chewed.
  • Patients who have the habit of grinding their teeth by clenching their jaws during sleep at night should avoid this by using a night plaque.
  • Care should be taken when consuming fruit with seeds (plums, cherries, olives, etc.).
  • All the care needed for oral and dental health should be done completely.
  • Periodic controls deemed appropriate by the dentist should not be interrupted.
  • Tooth protection should be used while fighting or doing sports that are open to impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (Zirconium Crown & Veneers Teeth in Turkey Antalya)

How much are Zirconia Veneers cost in Turkey?

Zirconium dental veneer prices may vary from patient to patient and according to the patient's preferences. Zirconium tooth prices are determined according to details such as how many teeth the patient will have to process, the scale and quality of the materials to be used, the cost of these materials, which are usually imported, varies according to the current exchange rate, and also the experience of the dentist.

Zircon veneer can be more costly than metal tooth veneers. You can contact us or visit our clinic to get more detailed information about dental veneers and to have your first examination before starting the treatment.

Is there an age limit in Zirconia Veneers?

Every individual who has completed adolescence can have zirconium veneer treatment without any worries. Since the jaw development of individuals in adolescence is not yet completed, teeth veneers treatment should not be done.

What is the Difference of Zirconia Dental Veneer from Other Treatments?

Dental veneer is a process performed with many techniques and materials. Zirconium dental veneer treatment; It has taken its place as the most ideal dental veneer management today, leaving behind applications such as porcelain veneer, leaf dental treatment and prosthesis.

The reason why zirconium veneer is seen as the ideal dental veneer method, separating it from other methods, is that its white color tones, bright and smooth texture, light transmittance and durability are very compatible with the natural tooth structure.

What is the difference between Zirconia Veneer and Laminate Veneer?

the main difference between zirconium veneer and laminate veneer is that the laminated veneer is placed only on the front surface of the tooth while the zirconium veneer completely covers the tooth. In addition, while the teeth are thinned a little during the application for laminated veneer, this process is not done in zirconium veneer.

What is the Difference Between Zirconium Cladding and Metal Cladding?

  • There is a difference between the zirconium veneer and the metal veneer in terms of the support materials applied. While zirconium material is used under the porcelain used in zirconium tooth veneer, metal material is used under the porcelain in metal veneer.
  • Zirconium veneer; It is in a form suitable for natural tooth structure with its light transmittance, shiny and smooth surface. Metal veneers have a more matte appearance.
  • Zirconium veneer does not pose any risk for patients with allergic constitution, while metal veneer may cause allergic reactions.
  • While zirconium veneer does not cause gingival discomfort, metal veneer may cause bruises and recessions in the gingiva.
  • While problems such as metal taste, taste disorder and bad breath may occur in metal veneer, none of these problems are encountered in zirconium veneer.
  • Metal veneer causes sensitivity to heat, especially in teeth and gums, while those who have zirconia veneer do not experience any hot-cold sensitivity.
  • Tea, cigarette, coffee, etc. While the products cause tooth stain and yellowing in metal veneer, tooth stain and discoloration problems are not experienced in zirconium tooth veneer.

What are the differences between Zirconium and Empress Emax Veneers?

emax veneers turkey antalya
  • Emax veneer offers a more natural result in terms of light transmission and aesthetic appearance.
  • Zirconium veneer has a stronger and more durable structure compared to emax veneer.
  • Emax veneer is a more suitable option for the anterior tooth group.
  • Zirconium veneer is a more suitable option for the posterior tooth group.
  • Empress and emax veneer cannot be applied in bridge operations.
  • Zirconium veneer is a strong option that can be easily used instead of metal-supported veneers in long bridge operations.
  • Both zirconium and empress emax dental veneers are very close to the natural tooth structure in terms of light transmittance, brightness and color. Problems such as gingival bruising and gingival recession, which are seen in different dental veneer applications, are not seen in zirconium and empress emax tooth veneers.

How is the compatibility of Zirconium Teeth with gum?

Zirconium teeth are compatible with the gingiva as well as the natural structure of the tooth. It does not create conditions that threaten oral health, such as gingival bruising or pulling.

Even if gingival recession occurs due to incorrect tooth brushing methods, there is no negative aesthetic situation.

Can Zirconium Veneers be applied to those with gum disease?

Individuals with gum disease can have zirconium dental veneers with peace of mind after being treated with medical methods that dentists deem appropriate.

How durable is Zirconia compared to Porcelain?

Zirconium supported bridges and veneers are as strong as metal supported bridges and veneers. Compared to porcelain, zirconium is less brittle and has a more durable structure.

Are there any problems in terms of aesthetics during the treatment process?

There is no aesthetic problem during the treatment period. Temporary veneers prepared with acrylic material are used until the zirconium dental veneer, which is prepared for you, is attached. These temporary veneers will not be as durable as permanent zirconium veneers but will be similar in form and color to them. A few days spent with a similar temporary veneer will not cause any aesthetic discomfort in the patient.

I have an allergy to metal, can I use Zirconia Teeth?

Zircon tooth does not cause any allergic reaction.

How to care for Zirconium Teeth?

the zirconium veneer tooth is in a form very close to the natural tooth structure and should be maintained regularly, just like natural teeth. Care should be taken to ensure that the toothbrush used is thin and soft-bristled.

Does Zirconium damage the other Teeth or Natural teeth in cases when a Teeth Change is necessary?

If the zirconium veneers need to be removed for any reason, the zirconia veneer will be cut and removed, so your natural teeth and other teeth will not be harmed.

Is there pain during or after Zirconium Treatment?

During the zirconium treatment, local anesthesia is applied to the patient, so that no pain is felt during and after the procedure.

Does Zirconium Veneering fall off?

Zirconium dental veneers, which are adhered to the natural tooth surface with special materials, are fixed in a way that prevents them from falling and playing.

Why does Zirconium Veneer tooth pain?

Zirconium tooth veneer pain can have many different causes. These;

  • Zirconium veneer teeth are different than necessary or are incorrectly adhered,
  • Experiencing gingival recession after zirconium veneer tooth treatment,
  • Decay of the natural tooth under the zirconium coating,
  • Existing teeth are not suitable for the patient due to the wrong measurements taken at the beginning of the zirconium treatment.

Zirconia or Implant?

Two treatment methods are dental treatments applied in different situations. While the implant is a treatment method applied to close the gap in the jaw instead of a fallen or pulled tooth, zirconium veneer is a treatment method applied to have more aesthetically beautiful teeth.

Titanium Implant or Zirconium?

In terms of oral health and hygiene, zirconium veneer is a better option than titanium veneer. Bacteria clusters in the mouth cannot stay on the zirconium veneer and thus prevents the formation of plaque in the mouth. In addition, soft tissue inflammations occur much less in zirconium veneer.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Zirconia Dental Veneers?

Zircon veneer is not recommended for patients with long tooth gaps, as it is a method that completely covers the tooth. In patients with long tooth gaps, the possibility of fracture of the zirconia veneer should be considered.

Which Foods Can't Consume People Who Have Zirconium Teeth?

People who have zirconium teeth should not break hard-shelled foods with their teeth, as is true for natural teeth, and should stay away from acidic drinks and sugary foods that stick to the teeth as much as possible.

Dental Veneer in Turkey - Porcelain Teeth Veneer Cost

What is Dental Veneers in Turkey? What is Porcelain Teeth?

dental crown treatment

Porcelain veneer teeth: It is a type of veneer whose light transmittance is close to natural teeth, used for aesthetic smile design and for the treatment of teeth damaged for various reasons.

Patients who do not want to have orthodontic treatment with porcelain veneers get rid of mild and moderate tooth crooking problems. It is possible to have teeth with a high biocompatibility, durability, very high light transmittance, porcelain veneer dental treatment, whiteness compatible with the patient's skin color tone or whiteness determined in the color scale as desired by the patient.

With porcelain veneer teeth, our patients have an aesthetic smile with their white and healthy teeth without losing their chewing, biting and speaking functions.

Special coating dental adhesives are applied to the slightly rasped tooth surface. These adhesives do not allow any food waste to enter between the veneer and the tooth. Veneered teeth are protected against decay.

What are the types of Veneer Teeth in Turkey - Antalya?

When naming the types of tooth veneers, they are named according to the material contained in the veneer. When deciding which veneer to apply to our patients, the patient's purpose and expectations for dental veneers are taken into account. the types of veneers to be made are different for patients who prefer veneer teeth only to have a Hollywood smile and those who need a bridge due to tooth loss. for this reason, the durability, light transmission rate, and cost of the veneer that patients need in the veneer cause differences in the type of veneer to be used.

Types of dental veneers include:

  • Metal-Based Porcelain Dental Veneer,
  • Full Ceramic Emax Empress Porcelain Teeth
  • Zirconium Porcelain Veneer Teeth,
  • Porcelain Laminate Veneer-Laminated Tooth Veneer,

Metal-Based Porcelain Dental Veneer

If the patient has tooth loss in one or more of his teeth, it is preferred considering its durability. It is a type of veneer applied by veneer porcelain on metal infrastructure. the size of the teeth to be veneered is taken. the metal infrastructure is prepared according to the measure, rehearsals are made, corrections are made if necessary in the rehearsal, after the corrections, the veneer teeth are fixed on the surface of the natural teeth.

Metal-based veneer teeth may rarely cause metal allergy, but they are often preferred because they are economical and durable.

Full Ceramic Empress Emax Dental Veneer

Since this type of veneer contains compressed porcelain, it is a high-quality veneer type with a very high light transmittance. the Empress Emax veneer tooth has an appearance very close to the natural tooth. It is mostly used in front teeth for smile design. It is a type of veneer frequently preferred by our patients in single-tooth veneers. Although it is a viable type of veneer for short bridges, it is a type of veneer that cannot be applied for long bridges and posterior chewing teeth considering its durability. (for detailed information, please read our "Empress Emax Dental Veneer" article.)

Zirconium-Based Porcelain Dental Veneer

Zirconium veneer is a type of dental veneer with high biocompatibility and high durability with zirconium in its content. Thanks to its biocompatibility, patients do not have graying and bruising on the gums, and patients do not have problems such as gingival recession caused by the veneer. (for detailed information, please read our article "Zirconium Veneer Teeth".)

Porcelain Laminated Tooth Veneer

It is a very beautiful-looking veneer type, also known as leaf veneer, which is frequently preferred by patients who want to have a smile design, especially on the front teeth, for an aesthetic smile. (for detailed information, read our "Laminated Veneer Teeth" article.)

Porcelain Veneer Teeth Construction stages in Antalya

Porcelain teeth veneer is done in the following order:

  • Our patients come to our clinic and tell our physicians why they want to have porcelain veneer teeth.
  • Our patients explain in detail to our experienced physicians their expectations from the result of this procedure for veneers to be made for aesthetic smile purposes.
  • the patient's oral and dental health is checked.
  • Before starting the veneer process, necessary treatments are performed to optimize the oral and dental health of the patient.
  • the teeth to which the veneer will be applied are cleaned.
  • Intraoral measurements of the patient are made using CAD CAM technology.
  • the data is transferred to the computer.
  • If a smile design is to be made, a simulation is prepared with photographs taken at different angles, and when the patient's imagined design is reached by making changes on the simulation, the procedures are started with the patient's approval.
  • Local anesthesia is applied to the patient.
  • for the veneers to be adhered to the tooth surface, a light filing process is performed on the tooth surface that does not harm the tooth.
  • After the teeth are filed, the measurement is taken again.
  • Our contracted ceramist prepares porcelain veneers according to the measurements taken.
  • In order to protect the patient's teeth that we have filed, temporary veneers are attached to the teeth immediately after filing until the permanent porcelain veneer teeth are prepared. the patient is sent home with temporary coverings.
  • Temporary veneers are removed in the next session. Porcelain veneer teeth prepared by our ceramist in the laboratory are rehearsed in our clinic. If a problem is not observed, the permanent veneer teeth are bonded. By using special veneer dental adhesives, dental veneers are perfectly adhered to the tooth surface by our specialists.
  • There is usually no problem in veneers that are mock-up rehearsed and measured with cad cam technology. If the patient is not satisfied with the final state of the veneers despite the procedures using mock-up and cad cam technology, necessary changes are made and the veneer teeth that will satisfy the patient are adhered.
  • Sometimes, permanent veneer teeth that are rehearsed for polishing are sent back to the laboratory. In this case, our patients come to our clinic once again. Permanent veneers are adhered to our patients after polishing.

Porcelain tooth veneer process is completed in 3-4 sessions in total. Hot cold sensitivity may be experienced in the first days after the veneer process.

Those who have porcelain veneer teeth can use their white and beautiful-looking teeth for many years without any problems, as long as they do not neglect the daily care for oral and dental health and as long as they do not interrupt the dental check-ups twice a year.

If you want to have dental veneers that you can use for many years with pleasure, we recommend that you come to our clinic.

Who Can Have Porcelain Teeth in Antalya

Porcelain veneer treatment:

  • Those who want to have a Hollywood smile that has completed its chin development,
  • Those whose front teeth are too small to be seen while talking,
  • Those who have lost one or more of their teeth or those who have missing teeth due to genetic reasons,
  • Those who have broken teeth for various reasons,
  • Those with different tooth lengths,
  • Those with a large front tooth spacing,
  • Those with old and yellowed anterior tooth filling,
  • Those whose teeth are both unprotected against decay and yellow due to congenital tooth enamel deficiency,
  • Those who have color changes in their teeth and those whose color changes cannot be corrected if teeth whitening is performed,
  • Those who do not want to have orthodontic treatment and those who have dental crowding at a level that can be corrected with veneer dental treatments can come to our clinic and tell our specialists about their wishes and needs and have porcelain veneer teeth made.
  • After Porcelain Veneer Tooth

  • It is normal to experience hot cold sensitivity in the first week after the veneer process.
  • Some of our patients report pain in their teeth after the porcelain veneer tooth treatment. These pains will go away in the first week. During this period, painkillers recommended by our physicians can be used.
  • You should contact our physicians when the sensitivity problem in your teeth does not end even after two weeks have passed since the porcelain veneer process.
  • Natural teeth and veneer teeth are damaged by breaking hard-shelled food with teeth or trying to separate the shell of hard-shelled food with teeth. In order to use your veneers for many years, you should avoid such behaviors that may damage your veneers.
  • You should stop consuming harmful foods that will damage the veneers.
  • You should not neglect daily oral and dental health care at home. You should brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day, use dental floss once a day, and gargle.
  • In order to have the oral and dental health services that can be done in the clinics, you should have dental check-ups twice a year.
  • There is usually no problem in veneer dental procedures performed by our dentists who are specialized in veneer teeth. In cases where you think that there is a problem, you should definitely consult our doctor.
  • Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

  • Porcelain dental veneers are highly resistant to breakage and cracking.
  • It can be made in any white tone desired by the patient. Veneers can be made in accordance with the skin color of the person, and can be applied in the same shade of the patient's tooth color.
  • Even if it has been years, your teeth will not turn yellow.
  • With the this process, the surface of your teeth becomes bright and smooth. This shine does not wear off over time and does not become dull.
  • Since the veneer tooth surfaces are much smoother than natural teeth, the plaque problem in natural teeth does not occur in veneer teeth.
  • Since it does not hold plaque, calculus does not form on the tooth surfaces of the veneer.
  • Patients who want to have this process can choose whichever veneer type will meet their needs. There are different veneer options in aesthetic smile design, prostheses on implants, single tooth veneers, long bridge veneers, short bridge veneers, intermittent teeth.
  • Teeth veneer is an indispensable part of smile aesthetics.
  • Treatment time is only a few sessions.
  • Our patients use their veneers for years without any problems.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Veneer in Turkey

    Tooth veneer cost; How much are porcelain veneer cost in Antalya?

    There are many factors that cause changes in dental veneer cost. These vary depending on the existence of the treatments required for the oral and dental health of the patient before the veneer, the number of teeth veneer to be made, the type of veneer, the experience of the dentist who will do the veneer, the price policy of the ceramicist, the exchange rates due to imported materials, and the location of the clinic.

    We recommend that you apply to our clinic for detailed information about porcelain tooth veneer prices. Since each veneer treatment is tailored to the individual and in accordance with the needs of the individual, it would be more accurate for our patients to be examined by our physicians and to get clear information from our physicians while determining the porcelain veneer cost.

    Is porcelain teeth painful?

    In porcelain veneer procedures, local anesthesia is applied to the patient so that the patient does not feel pain while the teeth are filed. After the veneer process is completed, our patients mostly experience hot and cold sensitivity in the first week, while a small portion of our patients state that they feel pain. for this situation, our physicians recommend some painkillers for our patients to use if necessary.

    When to eat after veneer tooth insertion?

    We recommend that you wait for the numbness in the mouth to pass before eating after the veneer teeth are placed. This means that it would be appropriate to take about 1 hour to eat after the procedure. We recommend that you prefer warm foods in the first week after this process due to hot and cold sensitivity.

    Are porcelain teeth satisfied?

    Our patients do not have a problem for many years in the teeth made by our experienced physicians in the field of porcelain dental veneers. Veneer teeth made in our clinic are very close to natural teeth. the teeth that the patient has had veneered teeth do not lose their biting and chewing functions, and our patients also achieve smile aesthetics with veneer teeth. Every individual who is satisfied with his smile becomes one step ahead and self-confident in life compared to others. Those who have porcelain teeth are pleased to have this procedure done.

    Is porcelain teeth permanent? How long does a porcelain teeth last?

    Every individual who takes care of oral and dental health and does not miss the dentist appointments that should be visited every 6 months uses their porcelain veneer teeth for 10-15 years without any problems.

    Which is the best dental veneer?

    In dental veneers “the best tooth veneer is this.” It would not be correct to classify by saying. Because each patient's reason for having veneer teeth and their expectations from the veneer tooth process are different from each other. for this reason, the best veneer tooth for each patient is different from each other. Our expert dentists will recommend the best veneer tooth for you after the examination in our clinic.

    Is Zirconium Teeth? Metal supported porcelain teeth? Zirconium? Porcelain?

    In the times when technology was behind, zirconium crown teeth were not so durable. Because of its high durability, metal-supported veneer were preferred for posterior molars, long bridges, and tooth loss. This procedure caused some problems such as graying of the gingiva, odor in the mouth, and metal allergy. Thanks to the zirconium crown teeth, whose durability has been increased with today's technology, patients get veneer teeth that are as durable as metal-supported veneers and are much more biocompatible than metal-supported veneers. In this way, they can use their veneer teeth for many years without any problems.

    Does the tooth inside the veneer tooth decay?

    Since the teeth do not come into contact with food, there is no decay in the veneers worn by experienced dentists. In the front teeth, only the front surface of the tooth can be decayed on the back surface of the tooth in contact with food.

    Daily oral and dental care routines should not be neglected to prevent decay.

    How to clean under Veneer Teeth?

    Daily oral care routines should be done. Teeth should be brushed twice a day, floss and an interface brush should be used, and mouthwash should be done. Dentist checks should be made. Correctly made veneer does not get food residues under the teeth. If, for any reason, food residues have entered under the veneer teeth, super floss can be used to remove the food residues under the veneer.

    Do porcelain teeth turn yellow?

    Since porcelain veneer teeth are produced in a special structure, they do not turn yellow during their lifetime.

    Is Gum Chewable With Veneer Teeth?

    Patients who have veneer applications should be careful when consuming chewing gum, fresh bread and pasty confectionery. Because such foods are sticky, they can damage the tooth veneer and cause the veneers to dislodge.

    Is It Healthy To Have Porcelain Teeth?

    All necessary procedures and treatments for oral and dental health are performed without making porcelain teeth. This supports the patient in maintaining the oral and dental health of the patient. Since there is no food residue under the veneered teeth, the patient's natural teeth do not decay.

    Since the veneer teeth are smooth, they do not hold plaque. Dental calculus and related gum disease do not occur in plaque-free teeth. Considering all the reasons we have listed, it will be observed that the dental veneer process is quite healthy.

    Why Does Veneer Teeth Cause Bad Smell?

    Halitosis can be seen in individuals who have veneer teeth and do not pay attention to oral and dental health and care.

    Is Veneer Tooth Removed and Reinstalled?

    Veneer teeth can be removed for various reasons. If the veneer is not damaged during the removal process, it can be reattached. If the tooth veneer is damaged during the removal process, new veneer can be made and new ones can be inserted.

    Emax Crown & Veneers in Turkey, Empress Veneers & Crown in Antalya

    Emax Crown & Veneers in Turkey, Empress Veneers & Crown in Antalya

    emax crown turkey

    E max veneers, which is the abbreviation of "Esthetic Maximum", is a new generation veneer and cosmetic dentistry application. E max crown tooth veneer is made with a special ceramic called IPS E-Max. This ceramic has a structure that combines aesthetics and durability with its natural appearance. Emax dental veneer, which is very suitable for the aesthetic appearance and long-term use desired by the patient, is one of the most preferred and rapidly spreading applications in dental aesthetic procedures today.

    What is Emax Veneer Tooth?

    Emax veneer is a natural-looking and durable treatment method that is frequently used in dental treatment, dental aesthetics and smile design processes. Emax veneers are preferred especially in anterior tooth group crown process. Emax veneer teeth, which contains resilience-enhancing molecules; They are aesthetic porcelains that do not contain metal materials, are reinforced with glass ceramics, and have a rich color variety. It has high biological compatibility and does not cause any allergic reaction.

    With Emax veneer, you can have an aesthetic smile, solid and well-arranged teeth. With E Max (Empress) veneer, teeth with natural tooth structure and color and compatible with the skin color of the person are made.

    This process is applied mostly on the anterior tooth group to obtain an aesthetic appearance. It is also possible to apply on deformed or broken teeth.

    What is CAD-CAM Technology? How is Cad-Cam Used for E Max Veneer?

    Full porcelain veneers can be produced with many different techniques. However, with the developing technology, it is produced with the CAD-CAM technique today. CAD-CAM is computer aided design and manufacturing technology.

    Thanks to CAD-CAM technology, faster and clearer results can be obtained at the design stage compared to traditional techniques, and the process can be managed more efficiently. CAD-CAM, which provides digital measurement with a computer-assisted intraoral camera, allows the design of the patient's dream smile and tooth color tone in a computer environment.

    Who are the patients suitable for E Max Veneer method?  Which patients can be applied E-Max Veneer?

    Patients who can be applied E-max veneer:

    • The front teeth are spaced,
    • Having deformities and fractures in the front teeth,
    • Destroyed molars,
    • Those who have lost their natural tooth structure due to wear and other reasons,
    • Having changed tooth color after root canal treatment or for different reasons,
    • Patients with blackening, yellowing or stains on their teeth.

    What are the advantages of E-Max Veneer Tooth? What are the E-Max Crown advantages?

    Here are the advantages of E max veneer dental treatment can be listed as follows:

    • By closing the gaps between the teeth, it prevents the diseases that may develop in the future,
    • Provides a natural tooth appearance thanks to the predetermined color tone after the veneer teeth process,
    • E max Veneer teeth do not wear and do not change color,
    • Emax dental veneers have high light transmittance, so they look natural,
    • It is produced individually and fully compatible,
    • Does not damage the tooth structure, does not cause allergic reactions,
    • It can be used for many years by giving importance to oral care and hygiene,
    • It does not cause gingival bruising as in traditional veneer methods, its biological compatibility is very high,
    • Does not cause sensitivity-related discomfort in the teeth,
    • It offers a natural and aesthetic appearance with its slippery, smooth and white structure,
    • Emax veneers give much better results than those obtained with metal or zirconia supported crowns.

    What are the Disadvantages of the Emax Veneer Tooth?

    • Since Emax dental veneer has a transparent structure with high light transmittance, a different color adhesive should not be used. the adhesive to be used is different from the adhesive used in porcelain with zirconia or metal infrastructure and is specific to Emax veneer.
    • It can only be used as a short bridge in mouths with missing teeth.

    Which teeth is not applied to the Emax Veneer?

    • Teeth that require long bridge operation in the posterior tooth group,
    • Big molars,
    • Teeth with root canal treatment and metal pivo,
    • Implanted teeth with metal abutments,
    • Teeth that need to be replaced with missing teeth in the mouth are not suitable for Emax (Empress) veneer dental treatment.

    What are the treatment steps of E-Max Veneer?

    The steps of Emax veneer treatment are as follows:

    • Photographing the teeth in the mouth and taking the measurements of the patient with CAD-CAM technology,
    • Abrading the outer surfaces of the teeth and making them suitable for veneer,
    • Re-measurement after the etching process,
    • Preparation of Emax veneer teeth in a laboratory environment in accordance with the measurements taken,
    • Bonding of veneer teeth specially prepared for the patient with special adhesive by our specialist.

    After all these stages, the Emax-Empress veneer process is completed.

    How to care Emax Veneer Tooth?

    • Brushing the teeth twice a day with a soft bristle brush,
    • To provide oral hygiene by using oral care water or mouthwash,
    • Gently cleaning the teeth with dental floss at least once a day,
    • Avoiding consuming hard-shelled foods and breaking their shells with teeth,
    • Not to miss the periodic checks recommended by the specialist dentist is among the things that should be done for E max veneer teeth cleaning and care.

    What should be considered after Emax Veneer tooth process?

    • The recommendations given by the specialist dentist should be applied,
    • Consumption of hard-shelled foods should be avoided,
    • Care should not be interrupted for oral and dental health,
    • Do not try to tear or cut anything with the teeth,
    • Consumption of candies and acidic beverages that stick to the teeth should be avoided,
    • A dental check-up should be done twice a year,
    • People who do martial arts or other similar sports should use a dental plaque.

    How long is the Emax Veneer treatment time?

    Emax veneer treatment duration varies according to the number of teeth of the patient, but it takes 2-3 sessions, which corresponds to 7-10 days.

    How long does E Max Veneer treatment sessions take?

    In the E max veneer process, the first session takes approximately 30 minutes for a single tooth. Considering the anesthesia given to the patient in the first session and some other mandatory procedures, the time is slightly longer. However, the time to be allocated for the next sessions will be shorter.

    What should be nutrition after E Max Veneer treatment?

    After the Emax veneer process, nothing should be eaten or drunk for at least two hours. While feeding after the procedure, the teeth may be sensitive especially to hot and cold foods and beverages. This sensitivity is felt temporarily and disappears after a while. If the sensitivity of the teeth continues, a specialist dentist should be consulted.

    How much are the Emax Veneers cost?

    Materials such as E max and zirconium, which are among the dental veneer methods, are imported and therefore calculated on a currency basis. the cost of the materials to be used in the treatment may vary depending on the current exchange rate in the time period of the dental veneer process. In order for the process to be long-lasting, healthy and aesthetically pleasing, the quality of the materials used is of great importance to have detailed information about the Emax veneers cost, you can contact us and visit our clinic.

    How long is the E-Max Veneer usage period? How long is the Emax Veneer lifetime?

    the duration of use of the Emax veneer may vary from patient to patient. Brushing the teeth twice a day, using dental floss, by paying attention to oral and dental care after the procedure, are important factors that directly affect the lifetime of the veneers. E max veneer can be used in a healthy way for 15-20 years if the recommendations given by the specialist dentist are followed and periodic examinations are not interrupted.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Use Emax Veneer while bridge to the back tooth?

    E max crowns are full porcelain materials used mostly for aesthetic purposes. for this reason, it has a more fragile structure compared to zirconium crowns and metal crowns. More robust and resistant bridges are needed for use in posterior teeth. Accordingly, full porcelain crown veneers are not suitable for the posterior tooth group.

    Is E-Max Crown suitable for those with metal allergies?

    E max crown veneers are made of special ceramic material and do not contain metal. Therefore, it does not cause any allergic reaction in the patient when applied.

    Is E-Max Veneer applied to all teeth?

    Emax-Empress veneers are mostly applied to the anterior incisors, prioritizing the aesthetic appearance. In cases where there is excessive tooth loss and long bridges are needed, metal-supported crowns are recommended for posterior teeth considering their durability.

    Does E max Veneer turn yellow?

    After the Emax veneer process, no color change or yellowing occurs on the teeth.

    What is the difference between Emax Dental Veneer and Laminate Dental Veneer?

    E max veneer and laminate tooth veneer are two types of veneers that differ from each other in terms of both the materials they contain and the application techniques.

    While the laminate veneer is applied only to the front surface of the tooth, the E max veneer covers the entire tooth and offers a natural and aesthetic appearance in line with the materials it contains.

    How to distinguish between E-Max Veneer And Zirconium Crown? E-Max Veneer or Zirconium Crown?

    When E max veneer and zirconium crown are compared, the success and preference rate of both is very high. Both methods do not contain metals and do not cause allergic reactions, they are perfect in terms of biocompatibility.

    Depending on the number of teeth the patient has, if there is no need for bridge treatment, Empress (e max) veneer is preferred in the anterior tooth group. If the patient has a lot of tooth loss and bridge treatment is needed, zirconium veneer is preferred.

    Do I stay toothless during the treatment of E-Max Veneer ?

    At any stage of the E max veneer treatment, the patient is not toothless. Temporary dental veneers are attached to the patient while Empress veneers are prepared specifically for the patient in a laboratory environment.

    Does gum recession occur after Emax Veneers?

    E max veneers do not contain metal and are highly biocompatible. Therefore, it does not cause any allergic reaction, does not cause bruising and recession in the gums.

    Does E Max Veneer make it allergies?

    E max veneer consist of materials with very high biocompatibility and do not contain metal. Therefore, it does not cause any allergic reaction when compared to traditional metal veneers.

    Is there a risk of breaking the Emax Veneer Tooth?

    Emax dental veneer is adhered with special adhesives suitable for the process. for this reason, there are no adverse events such as moving, falling, and there is no danger of breakage. Any accident that will cause the patient's natural tooth to break, etc. In some cases, the veneers may break with the tooth.

    Does Emax Dental Veneer cause bad breath?

    Bad breath is mostly caused by gum disease. E max veneer does not cause bad breath as it does not cause gingival disorders.

    Do E-Max porcelain veneers look like my natural tooth?

    the crystals and glass phase in the structure of porcelain allow us to obtain an image very close to the natural tooth appearance. Emax veneers are prepared perfectly in natural tooth appearance using CAD-CAM technology. This veneers is an option that is closest to the natural tooth structure and offers a high-level aesthetic appearance.