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Smile Design - Hollywood Smile - Antalya,Turkey

What is the Aestehetic Smile Design Antalya,Turkey

Smile design is an aesthetic dental treatment for smiling comfortably in any environment, speaking, having a perfect aesthetic smile, and the impressive beauty and self-confidence that the aesthetically beautiful mouth and tooth structure add to the individual.

hollywood smile makeover turkey

Those who have caries or missing teeth in their front teeth, mild to moderate tooth crowding and irregularity, yellowing and graying of their teeth, gum disease or color changes in the gums; Although none of these are satisfied, those who are not satisfied with their smile and the appearance of their teeth can have it done to get rid of these problems. Smile design is easily preferred by everyone who hesitates to talk and smile.

Those who have smile designs done to talk to our specialist physicians and tell our physicians in detail about the smiles they imagine in the mirror and the photographs. Our specialist physicians take into account the expectations of our patients and design a smile that is suitable for the face shape of the patient, will be identified with the character and will suit the skin tone. When our experienced physicians complete all the procedures, our patients continue their lives with higher motivation, smile comfortably, and are happy to enter every photo frame with their natural-looking aesthetic smile.

Our experienced dentists use the most suitable dental veneer methods (esthetic composite filling, tooth whitening, porcelain veneer, zirconium veneer, and laminate veneer…) to design a smile suitable for our patients. Our plastic surgeons intervene in the patient's lips and gingival visibility when necessary and complete the aesthetic smile process. It makes small touches to other lines on the face. For this, with the consent of the patient,

What is a Hollywood Smile Antalya?

Named after the magnificent smile of Hollywood stars, the "Hollywood smile" is the smile that every individual wants.

While providing smile aesthetics, one of dentistry's main subjects, a coating is applied to the patient's teeth. Only veneer (laminate veneer, zirconium veneer…) is applied to the patient's teeth and not left. The patient is given a clear and beautiful laugh line for the Hollywood smile Antalya. With the veneers, especially the front teeth are corrected. If the patient has cavities in his front teeth, filling treatments are performed with the aesthetic filling process, which is not noticeable when viewed from the outside. For smile aesthetics, the anterior incisors are arranged a little ahead of the others and more prominent than the other teeth.

What is digital smile design?

It is the transfer of the data obtained by taking the photograph/video of the patient and taking the chin measurements to the digital environment and designing the smile suitable for the patient according to the subsequent evaluation.

Who can have Smile Aesthetics?

  • Those with broken, cracked, rotten, worn, uneven, split front teeth,
  • Those who have tooth loss in their front teeth or missing teeth due to hereditary reasons,
  • Those with short front teeth that cannot be seen while laughing or talking,
  • Those who have long teeth that are incompatible with their facial features and lips,
  • Those who do not have congenital tooth enamel,
  • Those who have yellowed teeth that cannot be whitened with teeth whitening,
  • Those who have yellowed, bad fillings in the front teeth made years ago,
  • Those with high gingival visibility,
  • Even if they do not have any health and appearance problems in their teeth, those who only want a more beautiful smile can have a Hollywood smile Antalya.

After Process for Smile Design

  • Our patients apply to our experienced physicians in aesthetic smile design.
  • Our experienced physicians listen carefully to our patients. He learns in detail why our patients complain and what they dream of at the end of the procedure.
  • Elements that will be important during the design are determined. These are the patient's facial features, gender, age, size, alignment of teeth, patient skin tone, crowding of teeth, gum and dental health, gummy smile, jaw closure, fullness and shape of lips, lip-nose distance, and during a smile. It's the symmetry of your lips. Our experienced physicians also consider the golden ratio measurements while designing the aesthetic smile that will suit you and add natural beauty.
  • While making smile aesthetics, our physician designs by considering the patient's character, job and social status with visages. In this way, our patients do not have teeth and smiles that contradict their temperament but integrate with their temperament and work.
  • Making sharp, flat-cornered teeth to a sympathetic, warm-blooded individual can make the patient look rigid and cold. For a disciplined person in a managerial position, making soft teeth with longer front teeth than the others will add cuteness to the opposite of the person's character, so it does not suit someone with this character. Again, in addition to these procedures, some procedures to be performed by our plastic surgeons are recommended to complement some of our patients. Our plastic surgeons can touch our patients' chin, lips, cheeks, and lip-nose distance.
  • All possible procedures are shared with our patients in detail beforehand. The final image is designed with the simulation on the computer, and the procedures are started after the patient's consent is obtained.

How is Hollywood smile done? What is the process for Smile Design?

Smile design treatment for perfect smiles is completed in three main processes. So how to get a Hollywood smile? These processes are shown below.

Aesthetic smile design is done in the following order:

First Stage: Intraoral Examination and Planning

  • For the detailed analysis of the facial and oral structures of our patients who apply to our clinic, intraoral, extraoral, smile without teeth, smile and profile photos when teeth are visible, and side posture photos are taken.
  • After the complaints and expectations of our patients are understood, changes are made to the photographs transferred to the computer with Cad Cam technology using smile design applications. In this way, the patient sees what kind of smile he will have at the end of the procedure on the computer screen in the closest way to reality. At this stage, the patient indicates the points that he does not like. The necessary changes are made. After the patient's approval is received, the changes made to the photographs are carried out to aesthetic smile design processes.

Second Stage: Treatment and Mock-Up Application

  • Before performing the smile design, first of all, they are done if treatments are needed for the patient's oral and dental health. Filling, root canal treatment, aesthetic filling applications for broken teeth, dental calculus cleaning, periodontology treatments if gum recession and gum disease, orthodontic treatments for severe tooth crowding, and bridge or implant dental treatments if there are tooth deficiencies. When the treatments needed for the patient's oral and dental health are completed, the procedures for pink smile aesthetics are started.
  • Teeth whitening for teeth with differences in color tones,
  • Making intraoral and dental measurements using CAD-CAM,

After the mock-up of a porcelain veneer, laminate veneer, zirconium veneer, Emax dental veneer, which is suitable for the patient (For detailed information about the stages of veneers, please read our “Porcelain Veneer, Laminate Veneer, Zirconium Veneer, Emax Dental Veneer” articles.)

  • If necessary, our plastic surgeon performs filling and botox procedures, skin rejuvenation procedures for cheek, lip and jawline clarity,

Mock-up (temporary) dental veneers are tried in the second stage.

What is Mock-Up application?

With the mock-up technique, the plastic rehearsal models of the teeth inserted at the treatment's end are tested. These plastic rehearsal models are the same as the permanent coatings to be made in the third phase of aesthetic smile design for the patient. Our patient, who sees these materials temporarily adhered to the tooth surface during the mock-up stage, states this when there is a change he wants to have in his teeth. Permanent veneers are arranged as desired by the patient. With the mock-up application that lasts for 10-15 minutes, the veneers, which are arranged as the patient wants, are strictly as the patient dreams at the end of the procedure, and the patient gets the perfect standing veneer teeth.

Third Stage: Permanent Applications and Results

Since the patient stated what they wanted in the mock-up trial, porcelain veneer, laminated veneer, zirconium veneer, Emax tooth veneer are prepared and corrected as the patient wants and brought to our clinic, and the dental veneer process is started.

When all the procedures for the Hollywood smile Antalya are finished, our specialist dentists train our patients on routine care that should be done at home for oral and dental health.

We use many different disciplines with our dentists and plastic surgeons who are experienced in dental aesthetics, closely following technological developments, and make Hollywood smile Antalya applications just for you. If you are considering a smile design, we recommend applying to our clinic to achieve the smile of your dreams. You can smile better at life with our applications.

Is Hollywood smile worth it? What are the Benefits of Digital Smile Design?

  • If you have enamel problems in your teeth, gingival discoloration and gum disease, discoloration, crowding, breakage, separation and decay in your front teeth, you can get rid of all these problems by having smile aesthetics and a perfect smile.
  • You do not have to hide your teeth that you are uncomfortable with when in your work environment, with your family or in crowded groups. You can smile at every individual around you with self-confidence.
  • You and everyone around you notice how beautiful, natural and impressive your smile is.
  • Your smile in the mirror and your photos will make you happy for a lifetime.
  • Your self-confidence, your motivation towards life, and your joy of life increase.
  • You start becoming more social with the difference between before and after smile aesthetics.
  • You will have not only an aesthetic smile, but also a healthy mouth and teeth.

What should patients pay attention to while having pink tooth aesthetics?

Turkey Smile Design

Confidence in our dentists and team experienced in dental aesthetics, and convey your wishes, complaints about your teeth and what you want to have at the end of the smile design process to our dentists without hesitation.

Know that the application of pink tooth aesthetics is specific to each patient, and be prepared for the possibility of a change in the treatment period.

For the perfect result of your treatment, neither act hastily nor delay your controls. Follow the appointments you have planned with our physicians.

Take care of your oral and dental health during and after the treatment. If you encounter any problems, contact our clinic or your doctor immediately.

What are the types of Smile Design?

Although the smile aesthetic is specific to the person's face, teeth, and mouth structure, several types of smile designs are desired. When patients have a smile design, they express themselves more comfortably and clearly to our physicians with photographs that indicate the types of smile designs.

Intellectual Smile Design (Sophisticated Smile)

It is the smile design that people between the ages of 40-60 want to have, making the person look more mature and wiser.

Sporty Smile Design (Sporty Smile)

A sporty smile design is a smile design in which the central incisors are longer, and the other incisors are shorter, which is frequently preferred by our patients.

Attractive Smile Design (Sexy Smile)

It is a smile design in which the front teeth are longer than the other ones, often preferred by women with aesthetic smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions Smile Design - Hollywood Smile Antalya

How Much Are Smile Design Prices in Antalya,Turkey?

How much cost hollywood smile in Turkey: Smile design prices vary depending on the oral and dental health treatments needed for the patient, the number of teeth to be veneered and the type of veneer to be made, the experience of the dentist, the price policy of the ceramist, and the Dollar / Euro exchange rate as materials are coming from abroad before the smile aesthetics is applied to the patients.

For precise information about smile aesthetics prices, we recommend you apply to our clinic and learn about the procedures to be performed specifically for you and the cost of these procedures.

Are there any situations where mock up cannot be done immediately?

If the patient's teeth are too far ahead or behind, the mock-up process cannot be started immediately. The teeth of the patients with these teeth should be corrected with the necessary procedures, and if necessary, the teeth of these patients should be shaved.

After the teeth are prepared for the mock-up process, the mock-up process is performed.

Is Hollywood Smile permanent?

Since our smile design dentists and team are experienced experts in this field, the smile design applications made in our clinic are permanent for life.

What is Gum Aesthetics?

The primary purpose of the pink dental aesthetic procedure is to restore the ideal shape and healthy color of the teeth and gums while also correcting the asymmetrical gums. Gum recession problems can also be corrected with dental aesthetics. For gingival problems, interventions made to the gingiva using laser devices with unique heads are called pink dental aesthetics.

Is face shape important in Smile Design?

While designing the smile, the patient's facial shape is one of the critical factors determining the design. Facial lines, facial lines; It is impossible to think of teeth separately from mouth structure and lips. When the patient smiles with the smile design he has made, the patient's face, lines on his face, teeth and lips should complement each other.

Are teeth cut in Smile Design?

While the smile design is being made, the teeth are not cut and shortened, only the surface to which the veneer will be adhered is slightly filed. This filing process does not damage the teeth.

In How Many Sessions is Hollywood Smile Completed?

Usually, in the second session, the Mock-up session is started. With the mock-up session, our patients rehearse the smile closest to the smile they will achieve at the end of the aesthetic smile design process. After this session, final corrections are made, and in the next session, the patient is treated with veneer tooth bonding. The Hollywood smile is complete.

In patients who do not have oral and dental health problems, smile design can be completed in the first session, that is, in a single session, when they come to our clinic after the first examination.

It is impossible to give an exact number of sessions for the aesthetic smile design process. Because each patient's mouth and teeth structure, oral and dental health, and expectations from design are different from each other, the procedures to be performed to provide Hollywood smile and the time required for these procedures are different from each other.

Suppose you are thinking of having a Hollywood smile. In that case, we recommend that you come to our clinic to be examined, learn the necessary procedures for you, and get information from our experienced physicians on how many sessions your procedures will be completed.

How long does Hollywood smile last?

Depending on the type of veneer used, the lifespan of the treatment also varies. Although it is generally 15 years on average, it can go up to 20 years or more when oral hygiene is taken care of.

Who Is Smile Design Treatment Suitable For?

Aesthetic smile design is not only suitable for pregnant and lactating people who have not completed their jaw development. Aesthetic smile design can be made for every individual with natural teeth outside these periods and ages.

What to I Do If I Don't Like the Digital Smile Design?

If you do not like the appearance of your teeth during the design phase on the digital screen, an instant design change is made. The dimensions you like are sent to the ceramics.

If you do not like the trial veneers prepared to be precisely the same as your dental veneers in the mock-up session, corrections and changes are made as you wish. If you do not like your aesthetic smile design when your permanent dental veneers, which are changed and corrected after the rehearsal session, are adhered to, you can have the smile design done again.

Is There an Age Limit for Hollywood Smile Application?

In order to apply dental aesthetics, the patient must complete the development of the jaw. Jaw development is completed at the age of about 18 years. If the patient is younger than 18 years of age, braces treatment is recommended, not smile design.

Is Smile Design a Standard Practice for Everyone?

Smile design is unlikely to be standardized. Because each individual's facial features, facial lines, skin color, color of teeth, teeth and jaw structure are quite different from each other. The smile design, which is not made specifically for the person, is makeshift on the face, it does not look natural, it disrupts the harmony on the face.

Are There Risks to Getting a Hollywood Smile?

When dental aesthetics is performed by an experienced dentist and his experienced team, it does not pose a risk. However, it is a very healthy practice for the patient since oral and dental health is idealized before starting the smile design process.

Does Hollywood Smile Distort Your Natural Teeth?

No operation done during smile design harms natural teeth. The filing process, which disturbs the patients, is minimal and is applied only for bonding the dental veneer. The teeth covered with a smile design are also protected against decay. Natural teeth are also preserved in this way.

Laminate Tooth Veneer - leaf Laminated Tooth in Antalya,Turkey – Turkey Laminate Veneer – Lamine Teeth

What is Laminated Teeth and Leaf Laminated Teeth?

Laminate veneer, also known as leaf veneer, veneers, is the process of covering the tooth surface that has lost its aesthetic beauty or damaged for various reasons with materials with high biocompatibility. The tooth surface is slightly filed and laminated tooth veneers are carefully adhered to the tooth surface.

laminate tooth veneer

Lamination is the best treatment that protects dental health when compared to other prosthetic treatments. It is a reliable method used by many artists and famous faces for smile design purposes.

While protecting the natural dental health of the individual, it is possible to lighten the tooth color tone, correct slight misalignment, balance the lengths of unequal teeth, and provide dental aesthetics with composite laminate.

Laminated tooth process can remove the yellowing of the tooth surface caused by advancing age, excessive smoking, coffee and tea consumption. Individuals who have laminated tooth veneer can use their veneer teeth for many years in their first day's beauty, with their natural and white appearance. With the laminate veneer process, the durability of the individual's natural teeth increases.

You will use your leaf veneer teeth, which are carefully and meticulously made by our experienced and expert dentists, for many years without any problems. If you want to have white, natural-looking teeth, we are waiting for you in our clinic to have laminated teeth.

Why do people laminate their teeth in Antalya?

Laminated tooth veneer is a preventive treatment that can prevent tooth loss. It can be applied to teeth that have lost their strength, are worn and are likely to break. With this application, the durability of the tooth is increased, the wear on the worn parts is stopped, the sensitized teeth are protected against breakage, and the decay of the tooth surface on which the veneer is made is prevented. Laminated veneer supports the protection of oral and dental health. In this way, those who have laminate tooth veneer can use their own teeth for many years.

By making composite laminate, the bad appearance of mild and moderate crowding in the teeth can be corrected. The teeth can be straightened to the ideal length, balanced and aligned.

How is Laminated Dental Veneer Treatment Applied?

  1. Patients who apply to our clinic are asked why they want to have laminate veneer teeth and their expectation from the result of the procedure.
  2. In line with the patient's wishes and expectations; What can be done by our experienced physicians who are experienced in the field of smile aesthetics are explained to our patients in detail.
  3. Before the procedure, if there are treatments that need to be done to optimize the oral and dental health of the patient, they are performed.
  4. After the necessary controls before the laminate veneer process, the patient's intraoral measurements and photographs of the teeth are taken with cad-cam technology.
  5. The procedures to be performed on the digital data transferred to the computer environment are shown to the patient. At the end of the process, the models closest to the image that will be formed are made.
  6. After the patient's approval is obtained, the stages of dental veneer process are started.
  7. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient. The patient's teeth are subjected to millimetric rasping. With the effect of anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain during rasping.
  8. After filing, the dimensions of the teeth are taken again with both cad-cam technology and special mold materials. The measurements taken are sent to the laboratory.
  9. Temporary veneers are adhered to the teeth in order to prevent our patients from experiencing tooth sensitivity until the laminated teeth are prepared.
  10. Our ceramicist prepares leaf porcelain teeth in a laboratory environment in an average of one week.
  11. The prepared leaf tooth veneer is thin and has high light transmittance. In this way, it looks like the patient's natural teeth, and when viewed from the outside, it is never understood that it is a veneer tooth.
  12. When the laminated veneers reach our clinic, the temporary porcelains of our patients are removed and the laminated veneers are rehearsed. Since measurements are taken with very sensitive devices, the probability of error is very low. The color compatibility of the leaf laminates with the natural teeth and skin tone is tested.
  13. After the rehearsal, the veneers are placed and fixed one by one with a special dental adhesive on the tooth surface on which the laminated tooth veneer will be made.
  14. Laminated tooth veneer process is completed in an average of 2 hours. The treatment is completed when the veneer teeth are fixed on the tooth surface. At the end of the procedure, the patient can immediately return to his daily activities.

In Which Situations are Composite Laminate Teeth suitable ?

It is a type of veneer that individuals who are not satisfied with the shape of their teeth often apply.

  • If the front teeth of an individual with a completed tooth extraction have mild to moderate crowding or gaping between the teeth, if the patient does not want to undergo orthodontic treatment, especially if there is no equal and balanced tooth length in the front teeth, if an unpleasant appearance has occurred as a result of decay, these problems can be resolved by making laminated teeth.
  • After the teeth broken as a result of trauma are treated appropriately, leaf veneer can be applied to give the tooth a natural tooth appearance.
  • Laminate tooth veneer can be applied when it is desired to extend the teeth for smile design purposes.
  • When the desired result cannot be obtained from the previously applied whitening process, lamination tooth treatment can be applied to have permanent and long-lasting white teeth.
  • It can be applied for Hollywood smile Antalya as well as orthodontic treatment.
  • In individuals with enamel problems, after the jaw development is completed, laminated veneer teeth can be made to protect the natural teeth.

To Whom Laminated Tooth Veneer Process Is Not Applied?

  • Those who have teeth grinding problems during sleep,
  • Individuals who can be corrected with only orthodontic treatment,
  • People with jaw structure problems,
  • Individuals who have not abandoned the habit of nail biting,
  • Individuals with gingival recession cannot be treated with laminate tooth veneer.

After the above-mentioned habits and problems are treated, laminate tooth veneer can be applied. Individuals who have previously had a clenching problem should use a night plate for as long as our experienced dentists deem appropriate after having a composite laminate tooth veneer.

Laminated Tooth Veneer Care in Antalya

Laminated veneer dental care should be done with the same care as natural tooth care.

  • Teeth with laminated tooth veneer should be brushed correctly for 2 minutes twice a day. Dental floss should be used once a day. It should be gargled several times a week. Regular dental check-ups should be done twice a year.
  • Individuals who have laminated veneer teeth should use night plaque every day if they have teeth grinding and clenching habits.
  • In order not to damage the laminated veneer, hard-shelled foods should not be broken with the teeth, and the shells of these foods should not be tried to be opened with the teeth.
  • Those who have dental veneers should abandon their nail-biting habits. Nail biting can shorten the life of veneers.
  • Avoid consuming foods that stick to the tooth surface, stretch, and creep.
  • After the porcelain laminate procedure, our patients should come to our clinic at 6 months and have their veneers checked.

Advantages of Laminate Dental Veneers in Turkey

  • It allows the teeth to be treated without damaging their natural structure.
  • Since it has high biocompatibility, it does not harm the gums and does not cause an allergic reaction.
  • Even if there is excessive consumption of tea, coffee, and cigarettes, there is no yellowing in the teeth with laminate tooth veneer. The veneer surface is smooth and shiny. It remains in the same whiteness, smoothness and brightness throughout its lifetime.
  • Since it is produced from a material with high light transmittance, the teeth with laminated veneer look like natural teeth. When viewed from the front, it is not understood that there is a veneer on the tooth surface.
  • This veneer process can be applied to one tooth or more than one tooth.
  • Laminated tooth veneer is highly resistant to breakage and cracking.
  • Leaf veneer, which is applied successfully in our clinic, does not fall out of the tooth.
  • It is very easy to get used to the laminated tooth veneer, which is a very thin layer on the tooth surface.
  • It is enough to do daily care for oral and dental health correctly and to care for laminated veneer teeth.
  • The treatment is completed in a few sessions and the veneers are used for many years in their first day's beauty.

Disadvantages of Laminated Tooth Veneers

  • Laminate veneer should be performed by experienced precision dentists who are specialized in their work. Otherwise, performing an erroneous operation will result in the re-treatment of the veneer, or the laminated veneer tooth that is not done correctly may fall out.
  • Leaf veneer is more expensive compared to different veneer treatments. Laminated veneer tooth prices are affected by the exchange rate as most of the materials are sourced from abroad.
  • Hot-cold sensitivity may be seen in the first week after the treatment.
  • Natural teeth are very fragile until permanent veneers are attached.
  • Adhesion problems and problems related to veneer resistance can be seen in teeth with impaired flora.
  • Laminate should not be applied to swinging teeth. If applied, the desired efficiency may not be obtained from this process.
  • Adhesives applied to the tooth surface may dissolve when exposed to acid for a long time. In order to avoid such a problem, you should avoid consuming acidic foods as much as possible.

Things You Need To Know Before Getting Laminate Veneers

  • At the very beginning of the treatment process, the patient should clearly explain their expectations and wishes from the treatment result to our experienced dentists. Our physicians should be in communication during the treatment.
  • If there is any problem during the laminate veneer treatment, this should be conveyed directly to our physicians in all details.
  • Tooth color that will be compatible with the natural tooth color and skin color of the person should be selected with electronic color measurement devices or a color scale. The tooth color tone that will highlight the natural beauty of the patient should be decided together with our experienced physicians.
  • Those who have had lip aesthetics or those who will have lip filling should inform our physicians before the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laminate Veneer in Antalya,Turkey

How to calculate laminated teeth prices (porcelain teeth price) in Antalya?

Laminate Tooth Veneer - leaf Laminated Tooth in Antalya,Turkey

When determining the prices of laminated teeth, the presence of dental treatments that must be applied to optimize oral and dental health before the laminate veneer procedure, the number of teeth to be coated, the exchange rates due to the material to be used from abroad, the experience of the dentist, the location of the clinic, the price policy of the contracted ceramicist is effective.

We; as Turuncu Dental Clinic; with our long years of experience, recommend that you come to our clinic for detailed information about the price of laminate veneer teeth and learn the procedures to be done for you in line with the examination of our experienced dentists.

How long does laminate tooth last?

As long as the daily oral care routines for natural teeth, dentist checks to be made twice a year and dentist recommendations are followed, the life of the laminate veneer tooth is 15-20 years. Veneer life is reduced to 5-10 years if proper care is not taken.

In how many sessions does laminated tooth veneer finish?

If the individual has dental treatments that need to be done before the porcelain laminate veneer process, the sessions are determined according to the procedures required by the treatment. When the treatments are completed, the laminate tooth veneer process is started. For this process, the number of teeth to be crowned teeth may increase in the number of sessions. If an average number of sessions is given, the leaf tooth veneer process is completed in 3 sessions.

Does leaf laminate teeth fall off?

Laminated veneer made by our skilled and experienced dentists does not fall out because the tooth is made correctly.

Which Teeth Cannot be Applied to Laminate Veneer?

Laminated veneer teeth can be applied to any individual whose tooth eruption process has been completed, and to any tooth, especially in the anterior teeth. Unfortunately, laminate veneer cannot be applied when making leaf porcelain teeth, since the surface of the teeth with porcelain veneer before is filed. Those who have gingival recession, also known as receding gums disease, can not be applied the laminate veneer.

Do Laminate Teeth Turn Yellow?

Laminate veneer veneers are made from a very high quality special ceramic. For this reason, the surfaces of these venneers are smooth and shiny. Products containing food dyes, cigarettes, tea, coffee, which can change the natural tooth color, do not cause yellowing in the teeth.

If yellowing is observed in the laminated tooth, it is due to the yellowing of the underlying tooth and a problem in the underlying tooth. Since the leaf porcelain is produced from a material with high light transmittance, the yellowing of the underlying natural tooth is reflected in the veneer. If this happens, please contact your dentist.

Can a single tooth be laminated?

If an individual has a missing tooth, the appropriate treatment is dental implant treatment or a zirconium-crowned bridge. For detailed information about dental implant treatment, read our article titled "Implant Treatment"

Laminate veneer can be applied when there are problems such as breakage and discoloration in a single tooth. Laminate veneer is a treatment applied to one or more teeth that are adhered to the tooth surface one by one.

Can a filled tooth be laminated?

Especially if there is a large filling in the front teeth or if there are caries or fractures in the front teeth, composite laminate can be made.

At what age is Laminated Veneer applied?

Every individual who wants to have laminated teeth for smile design or other reasons should have completed their jaw and bone development. This is completed at about 18 years of age.

Is dental floss used with laminated dental Veneers?

The use of dental floss has no harm to the laminated tooth veneer. The use of dental floss prolongs the service life of laminated veneers. To maintain oral and dental health, dental floss should be used every day.

Is laminate tooth healthy?

The resistance of the laminated tooth increases. However, behaviors such as breaking or opening the shell of hard-shelled foods with teeth, breaking ice, biting hard objects, grinding teeth, and biting nails damage natural teeth as well as laminate veneer teeth.

How long is laminate porcelain veneer treatment period?

If the gums will not be interfered with in laminate porcelain veneer teeth to be made for aesthetic smile design, the process takes 2-3 sessions.

Does laminated teeth cause bad smell?

Laminate veneer is a process that is applied only to the front surface of the tooth, does not harm the gum tissue and does not cause bad breath.

Laminated Teeth or Zirconium?

If the individual has a missing tooth, this problem cannot be resolved with laminate veneer. The treatment of missing teeth is done with implant teeth, zirconium crown teeth, porcelain veneer teeth with metal substructure. Laminate veneer is a type of veneer that is made one by one on a person's natural tooth. For detailed information about porcelain veneer, read our article titled "Porcelain Veneer".

Having a laminated veneer tooth is a more expensive procedure than a zirconium crown tooth. Zirconium crown teeth are white, durable and aesthetic like laminated veneer teeth. Zircon crown is a treatment in which the entire tooth surface is covered.

For detailed information about zirconium crown, read our article titled “Zirconium Crown”.