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Invisalign in Turkey - Invisalign Cost
Teeth Straightening

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What is Invisalign in Turkey, Antalya? (Teeth Straightening)

Invisalign treatment (Clear Aligner) is used for orthodontic treatments such as aligning and correcting the teeth and eliminating the disorders in the jaw structure. Invisalign; It is different from conventional braces in appearance and use, but the same in function.

invisalign Turuncu Dental Clinic Antalya, Turkey

Invisalign procedure is an easy-to-use plaque treatment suitable for all ages and people, which can be called clear braces or clear aligner, which is custom made in our clinic. This therapeutic plaque is also in a thermoplastic structure instead of metal or porcelain brackets and is produced digitally for the person.

Invisible braces should not be confused with the teeth aligner, which is given after classical braces treatment or to protect dental health in teeth grinding problems.

When you come to our clinic, you are first examined by our orthodontist doctor. Three-dimensional photographs of your teeth are taken. Your current tooth and jaw structure is shown to you in the virtual environment. On the three-dimensional images, you are explained to you in order of the procedures to be done for your teeth. In addition, you will be shown in the virtual environment how your tooth and jaw structure will look after the procedure. Your approval is taken for the action to be taken. Then, the stage of preparing the transparent dental plaque according to the measurements of the forehead is started by our orthodontist specialist, which is suitable for your tooth and jaw structure. Your first dental plaque will be ready in a week or two. During the treatment, our patients do not experience pain. The use of clear braces is practical and hygienic.

Personalized Preparation of the Invisalign Treatment (Invisible Aligner)

Invisalign personalized dental plaque;

  • The jaw structure is anterior or posterior,
  • Narrow chin,
  • Too many distortions in the teeth,
  • Various closing disorders such as deep bite, open bite or crossbite in the teeth,
  • It is prepared differently for many orthodontic problems such as gaping teeth.

At the beginning of the treatment, each dental plaque prepared to achieve the appearance modeled in the first examination should be seen as a step. While the first dental plaque is placed on the teeth, your dental plaque is attached with very small fixers placed inside the plaques. This is a procedure that can be done easily without pain.

You may experience pain and hurt in the use of conventional braces. After wearing braces, you should be very careful about food and beverage consumption. After eating, you should clean your teeth and braces perfectly.

You may be prohibited from eating certain foods by your dentist after braces are placed. Compliance with the given diet is very important for your dental health.

In Invisalign procedure, there are no prohibited foods or diets. Because you can remove your clear aligner while eating. You can eat whatever you want. After eating the food you want, you can do your oral and dental care as usual and wear your invisible braces. Invisible aligner is easier to clean than braces.

How is Invisalign Treatment (Directsmile Club) Performed?

After the examination of our ordotontis specialist doctor, the inside of the mouth is photographed with cad cam technology (digital scanner) in order to get the current image of the teeth. The purpose of this process are:

  • To see the existing tooth and jaw structure,
  • To determine what kind of dental plaque should be prepared,
  • To create visuals for the targeted tooth and jaw model.

With the help of three-dimensional devices used by our specialist physicians, the procedures to be performed are explained to you step by step. New invisible aligner are created according to the changes in your teeth and jaw structure. This clear braces production and change continues until the targeted tooth structure is formed. At the end of the treatment, the targeted tooth structure is achieved and patient satisfaction is ensured.

Who Should Get Invisalign Turkey? (Teeth Straightening)

Anyone who is disturbed by the misalignment of the invisalign treatment in the shape of their teeth can come to our clinic and have it examined by our experienced dentists. People who can have a invisible braces are listed below:

  • Patients whose teeth are not suitable for the use of braces,
  • Those with braces sensitivity,
  • Individuals with a gag reflex,
  • People who do not like the appearance of braces,
  • Individuals who do not want to experience a restriction in nutrition due to braces,
  • Young children (children who have lost their baby teeth and have erupted permanent teeth may not be able to take care of their teeth after braces are placed. This situation may cause tooth decay in the child while trying to correct the shape of the teeth and misalignment.)
  • Individuals with bone loss,
  • Patients with gum recession problems,
  • Those with gingivitis…

Individuals with discomfort and reservations as above are recommended to have a invisible aligner.

Invisalign Usage Period

The duration of use of the clear aligner, which is an orthodontic treatment, varies according to the severity of the patient's dental crookedness and occlusion problems. A simple case may take 4-5 months, while a severe case may take up to 2 years.

In the first examination, your jaw and tooth structure are photographed with an intraoral camera and 3D Cad cam technology. The dental plaque that is suitable for your jaw is modeled. The first dental plaque is formed. It will take some time for the first dental plaque to form. This period is an average of two weeks in our clinic. After you start using your teeth, your clear braces is changed regularly according to the mobility of the teeth, while getting closer to the desired model at the end of the treatment. However, it can be said that clear aligner treatment takes 4-5 months shorter than conventional braces treatment.

Use of invisalign

After placing the invisalign created by the orthodontist on your teeth, how you will use your dental plaque will be explained to you in detail by our experienced specialist doctors. You can ask our doctors about any point that comes to your mind.

Transparent dental plaque should be worn 7-24. It should be worn at all times during the day, while sleeping, doing sports, and resting. On special occasions, when you are with valuable people, when you are at a business meeting… in short, when you want to remove the invisible braces, you can remove your plaque for a short time.

Other situations you can take out are eating, drinking something hot. The important thing in the invisalign treatment is to use your clear aligner for as long as possible.

Why Should We Prefer Clear Braces in Orthodontic Treatment?

The main reason why invisalign treatment is preferred over classical braces treatment is the absence of difficulties experienced in classical orthodontic treatment.Difficulties in classical orthodontic braces treatment:

  • The braces occasionally cause mouth sores,
  • Patients undergoing a painful process during the use of braces,
  • Eating and drinking restrictions in classical orthodontic treatment,
  • Sport restriction during braces use for the patient,
  • Intermittent disruption of examinations that should be done regularly due to intense work schedule,
  • The patient has difficulty speaking due to the use of braces,
  • The patient is uncomfortable with this image due to the wires appearing on the tooth surface.

Patients who want to solve the problems of misalignment with clear aligner do not experience any of the above-mentioned problems.

Advantages of Invisalign Treatment

  • Even if you are working in a busy schedule and you cannot have a regular dental examination every month, you can have clear aligner. You don't have to come to our clinic every month when you have invisalign treatment. Your appointments can be adjusted according to your workload.
  • If you are out of the province or abroad, it will be sufficient to come to your dentist appointment a few times a year while having invisalign treatment.
  • Since there is no painful process, it provides a comfortable treatment opportunity for the patient.
  • Children can easily clean their teeth, as they can remove dental plaque while eating during the invisalign treatment. They can take the necessary care to protect their oral and dental health. In this way, clear braces treatment is more successful than braces treatment.
  • Problems of being mocked by peers and not being included in groups are observed during braces treatment in school-age children. Such situations break children's self-confidence and cause them to become asocial. Children with clear aligner do not experience such peer bullying.
  • Invisible braces can be preferred for each individual on very precious special days, such as weddings, graduations and important business meetings, at turning points that will be experienced once or several times in a lifetime. In such special times and days, the invisalign invisible aligner can be removed for a certain period of time. In this way, while the patient lives by enjoying his special days and precious time, invisalign treatment is not interrupted.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

How much are invisalign cost in Antalya,Turkey?

Invisalign in Turkey- Teeth Straightening

The level of disorder in the teeth and jaw structure of each individual is different from each other. Invisalign cost difference occurs according to the severity of misalignment and occlusion.

In order to get healthier information about invisalign cost, we recommend that you visit our experienced orthodontic specialist and learn the procedures to be done for you in detail.

How many months is invisalign used?

Each invisible aligner prepared until it reaches the jaw structure modeled in the first examination is used by changing it from time to time. If the defect in the jaw structure is very mild, it takes 4-5 months, and if the defect is severe, it lasts for 1-2 years.

To whom is the invisalign not applied?

Invisalign is not applied if the patient has a lot of caries in his teeth or if the patient has serious healthy problems in the gums. If the teeth of the patients in this situation are treated and the gingival health is idealized again, of course, clear aligner treatment can be started.

How to clean invisalign?

After the transparent dental plaques are removed, they can be cleaned in warm and running water with the help of a toothbrush or by rubbing with the hands. If the transparent dental plaque is desired to be even more sterile, the dental plaque should be kept in sterilized water for 5 minutes.

How long does a invisalign last?

Since the structure of the transparent dental plaque is thermoplastic, it is long-lasting. Clear aligner is a tool we use for orthodontic treatment. The same invisible aligner is not used all the time. During the treatment, dental plaque is changed according to the improvements in the tooth and jaw structure.

Clear braces or clear aligner?

Although clear braces and clear aligner are different in pronunciation, they both mean invisalign;

  • It can be applied at very young ages or in advanced ages,
  • Easier to use,
  • It is not very clear in the mouth,
  • No restriction on food during the use of invisible braces,
  • Easy to clean,
  • During the use of , intraoral wounds do not occur due to the thermoplastic structure of the plaque,
  • It can be taken out on weddings, graduations, job interviews, invitations or any special day,
  • The patient's ability to do the sports he wants after wearing the dental plaque.
  • Clear aligner is preferred by most of the patients due to its many positive aspects.

How to take a invisalign measure?

It is viewed with an intraoral camera compatible with the Invisalign system. With this imaging system, accurate measurements are made. With these images, a clear braces suitable for you is created in the digital environment.

Can you drink tea with invisalign?

The tea can be drunk if it is not too hot. Clear aligner cleaning should not be neglected after drinking tea. Hot beverages should not be consumed during the use of Invisalign. In cases such as eating and drinking, it would be best to remove your invisible braces.

Does invisalign affect speech?

Although most of the patients say that their speech is not adversely affected during the use of the invisible braces, there is a short period of getting used to the use of the clear aligner, as in any treatment. During this period, patients may not be able to pronounce every word fully and correctly. After the habituation period is over, the speech disorders will also end.