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Metal-supported Porcelain Veneer or Zirconium Crown

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Metal-supported Porcelain Veneer or Zirconium Crown

Is Metal-supported Porcelain Veneer Good or Zirconia Crown?

Metal-supported porcelain veneer has low biocompatibility, is not transparent like natural teeth, but is matte. For these reasons, zirconium crown is better than porcelain veneer with metal substructure. There are many types of porcelain veneers. Different porcelain veneers are preferred depending on the area to be veneered on the teeth and individual needs.

There are many different porcelain veneer materials used according to the needs in the porcelain veneer treatment. We prefer emax veneer when the patient applies to our clinic for smile design (Hollywood smile), laminated veneer when he wants to change the appearance of his front teeth only, and zirconium crown when he wants to have veneer on his front teeth and back teeth.

Today, in the porcelain veneer process, the material in the infrastructure of the veneers is not metal. Metal-supported porcelain veneers is a method that is not preferred because of its disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Porcelain Veneers with Metal Bottom Support:

Since it has a matte structure, it does not look like a natural tooth.

Over time, it can change the color of the gums and cause the gums to appear purple or gray.

When correct and effective oral and dental health care is not done, it can cause bad breath.

Sensitivity in veneered teeth can cause problems.

May cause allergic reactions in individuals with metal allergies.

Is metal-supported porcelain veneer affordable or zirconium crown (cost)?

Metal-supported porcelain veneer dental treatment is less costly than zirconium crown dental treatment. This dental veneer method, which is more advantageous in the short term because it is cheaper, may cause problems in the long run. Long-term comfort should be considered while undergoing dental treatment. The advantages of a zirconium crown tooth make it better than a metal-supported porcelain veneer tooth. 

Zirconia crown advantages

Since zirconium is a very durable material, it is very resistant to breakage, cracking or wear over time.

Since it is light permeable, the veneered tooth looks like a natural tooth.

Since it does not contain metal, it does not cause metal allergy.

Since it is biocompatibility, it does not change the color of the gingiva.

There is no mouth odor caused by the crown.

It is a material that can be applied to the teeth in every region of the mouth.

Since there are many color options, it is easily ensured that the crown is compatible with the patient's natural teeth.

There is no sensitivity problem in the teeth.

Thanks to the structure of the material, zirconium crowns are as resistant to chewing pressure as porcelain veneers with metal substructure, and have the appearance of natural teeth with their light transmittance. Therefore, zirconium crown is better than porcelain veneer dental treatment. 

How long is the life of zirconium crown?

As long as oral and dental health is protected, the life of all treatments is extended. However, the service life of the zirconium crown is an average of 15 years.