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Teeth Whitening
Bleaching in Turkey, Antalya

Turuncu Dental Clinic - Antalya - Turkey

What is teeth whitening Antalya?

Teeth whitening (Bleaching), not paying due attention to dental care; cigarettes, coffee, tea, medicine, foods containing food coloring, etc. It is the process of whitening the yellowed and stained teeth by consuming them and regaining their original tooth color. Teeth whitening gels, whose teeth whitening process is approved by WHO (World Health Organization); It is a process that starts with the application of the tooth enamel by the dentist. The tooth whitening gel applied to the tooth enamel is heated with laser beams and removed from the passive state. This is how the laser teeth whitening Antalya process begins. Laser beams are not always used to activate teeth whitening gels. They can also become active without rays. Your specialist dentist will choose the tooth whitening gel according to your tooth structure.

Teeth Whitening Bleaching in Turkey, Antalya

In this process, which lasts for one session, the whitening process is repeated several times. After the last process, the gels on the teeth are cleaned and the teeth whitening Antalya is finished.

If you have a dream of a world where you smile, we are waiting for you at our clinic for bleaching.

Why is teeth whitening Antalya done?

Individuals who have made cigarette, coffee and tea consumption a routine, those have to use regular medication, and individuals who do not pay due attention to their dental health may see that the color of the tooth enamel, which is the top layer of the tooth, changes after a certain period of time. The gradual yellowing of the natural color of the tooth can be a very disturbing situation for individuals. To get rid of this situation, to get whiter and healthier teeth, bleaching (teeth whitening) can be preferred.

Whitening teeth is a process that depends on the preference of the individual. Every individual who wants to have a white and healthy tooth and to laugh and talk with confidence can get help from our dentist.

What are the teeth whitening methods? Which is the best teeth whitening method in Turkey -Antalya?

There are three types of teeth whitening methods:

There are three types: home bleaching, office bleaching, and internal bleaching. The dentist can apply one of these three methods for the patient he/she pre-examines, or he/she can use more than one tooth whitening method.

Please contact us to determine the best teeth whitening method, together with our experienced dentists, to determine the application methods specific to you.

Home bleaching:

Although the home bleaching process may seem like a procedure that you can do yourself at home without examining the dentist, in fact, the Antalya teeth whitening process should be done with the whitening products recommended by the dentists. Home bleaching is not done with products purchased without the advice of a physician. Dentist approval should be obtained before using the home teeth whitening method. In the next step, a transparent plaque specific to the teeth to be whitened is prepared. The tooth whitening gel recommended by the dentist is applied to these plaques and the procedure is applied at home. In the home teeth whitening method, this method should be applied for at least 2 weeks by changing the transparent dental plaques approximately every 5 hours.

People who will apply teeth whitening Antalya for the first time should pay attention to our dentists' recommendations for maintaining teeth whitening before choosing a home teeth whitening method. In addition to paying attention to the suggestions below, you can visit our clinic for a more beautiful smile and white teeth and learn in detail about the recommendations of our dentists and the treatment methods they deem appropriate.

To maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth:

  • Do not consume too much sweet and sugary foods that cause tooth discoloration,
  • Do not smoke,
  • Do your daily dental care and brush your teeth at least twice,
  • Be sure to use dental floss,
  • Check with the dentist periodically and if there is a condition that needs to be intervened in the name of dental health, have it treated without delay.

Especially, do not apply a Antalya teeth whitening treatment without an examination by your dentist, influenced by social media advertisements or on the recommendation of a friend. Because tooth whitening gels and tooth whitening pastes taken without the advice of a dentist can cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums. In order not to fall into such an irreversible situation, the approval of the dentist must be obtained. The most appropriate procedures for oral and dental health on your own at home are your periodic oral and dental health care.

Office bleaching:

This bleaching method is applied in a clinical setting, in a single session. Since it is performed in the clinic and by a specialist dentist, it is the most suitable teeth whitening method in terms of dental health and the result of the bleaching process. After this method, which lasts for one session, the color of the teeth becomes white.

Since Bleaching has been applied in our clinic for many years, patient satisfaction is close to one hundred percent.

Internal bleaching:

Internal Bleaching method is applied in the form of whitening the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment from the inside out. First, the filling in the tooth that has undergone root canal treatment is removed. Teeth whitening gel is placed in place of the removed filling. This gel destroys the different colors in the teeth and whitens the teeth.

Before teeth whitening Antalya

The patient who wants to apply teeth whitening treatment is first examined by our specialist dentist. Because there may be treatments that need to be done for oral and dental health before teeth whitening is applied. These treatments

  • Treatment of gingivitis,
  • Tooth stone cleaning,
  • Filling (aesthetic) treatment for broken and decayed teeth,
  • Root canal treatment (endodontic) if the caries cannot be saved with filling,
  • Orthodontic treatments for reasons such as too tight and overlapping teeth, problems in the jaw structure of the patient,
  • Treatments to be performed if it is determined whether there is a genetic problem related to yellowing of the teeth,

After the patient's examination, our dentist will apply the appropriate one of the above-mentioned treatments before proceeding with the whitening process.

How is teeth bleaching Antalya done? How is teeth whitening performed in Turkey?

  • The necessary treatments are applied before proceeding with the whitening process.
  • Although the patient who undergoes the bleaching process will reach the full result after one day, our specialist dentists take a photo of your teeth before the procedure so that you can see the difference in tooth color as soon as the teeth whitening process is finished.
  • A reagent is placed in the patient's mouth.
  • Protective is applied to prevent damage to the gums.
  • Concentrated tooth whitening gels are applied to the teeth to be whitened.
  • Laser teeth whitening process is started.
  • Available in gels that are active without laser beam. Our experienced dentist can also use this kind of gel.
  • The process is repeated several times in a single session.
  • The surface of the tooth is cleared of gel and the treatment is finished.
  • The color of the teeth before the procedure is compared with the color after the procedure. There is a distinct difference in tone. You leave the clinic with whiter teeth.

Antalya teeth whitening process takes approximately 60 minutes. It takes 1 day for the tooth color to get the full tone.

What should be considered after teeth whitening Antalya?

Teeth that have lost their whiteness for some reasons are restored to their old appearance by applying the whitening process. The points to be considered after the bleaching process are as follows:

  • Hot and cold foods should not be consumed for 36 hours after the whitening process, otherwise sensitivity may occur in the teeth.
  • Sensitivity may occur in teeth due to temperature difference in place changes. Therefore, a mask should be used for the first 36 hours.
  • Foods that can turn teeth yellow should be avoided. (tea, coffee, cigarettes, foods containing food coloring, etc.),
  • Patients who smoke should definitely quit smoking.
  • Teeth should be brushed at least two times a day and for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

The causes of yellowing of the teeth can be:

  • Structural disorders that occur during the growth and development periods of individuals,
  • Medicines used during pregnancy and antibiotics used in infancy,
  • Daily food consumption habits such as excessive tea and coffee,
  • Previous dental treatments,
  • Decayed teeth,
  • Advanced age,
  • Improper oral and dental care,
  • Having to use drugs constantly.

Who can have bleaching?

  • Those who are uncomfortable with their tooth color,
  • Those who want their teeth to look whiter,
  • Individuals aged 16 and over. (Individuals who have completed their jaw development can perform this procedure. Examination by our specialist dentists is also needed.)

Every individual who has the above-mentioned features can have teeth whitening done by our specialist doctors.

Who should not do teeth whitening Antalya?

  • Individuals under the age of 16 should not have bleaching because they have not yet completed their chin development,
  • Patients who have the necessary treatments for oral and dental health as a result of the preliminary examination should not have their teeth whitened without receiving the necessary treatments,
  • Patients with orthodontic problems should not have teeth whitening procedures without the approval of the specialist dentist,
  • Individuals whose teeth are not white due to genetic reasons should not undergo teeth whitening.

Due to genetic reasons, some individuals may not have enamel in the teeth that erupt after the milk teeth. Therefore, the teeth become yellow. Since it is not possible to whiten such teeth, our experienced dentists can achieve white teeth by applying one of the long-lasting laminated veneers, zirconium veneers, emax empress veneers, which are very close to nature. The age and jaw development of the patients who will be treated with laminate veneer, zirconium veneer, emax empress veneer should be taken into consideration.

What is not teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening, which is not a tooth cleaning and polishing process, is related to the patient's oral hygiene. Tooth cleaning is the procedures performed by a specialist dentist to protect oral and dental health in case of tooth and gum diseases, in case of possible inflammation.

The polishing process is the process of bringing the tooth to its natural color with liquids applied to the tooth enamel after tartar cleaning. For detailed information, read our article "Tooth Stone Polishing Curettage".

In the bleaching process, on the other hand, the patient gets more aesthetically-looking teeth with a whiter tooth color that is a few tones lighter, rather than getting old tooth color or cleaner teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening in Turkey - Antalya

Teeth Whitening Cost, How Much Is Teeth Whitening Fee?

Teeth whitening Antalya prices;

  • Oral and dental health of the patient who will undergo bleaching,
  • The treatment methods that should be applied as a result of the preliminary examination performed by the specialist dentist,
  • dentist's experience
  • It is affected by factors such as the location of the clinic.

To get more detailed information about teeth whitening antalya price, we recommend that you make an appointment with our clinic and be examined by our expert, experienced dentists.

How long Does the Teeth Whitening Process Take?

teeth whitening turkey

Teeth whitening is completed by specialist dentists in 45 to 60 minutes. About 1 day after the procedure, your tooth color takes its final form. However, the duration of the whitening process may vary from person to person..

How long Is the permanence of the teeth whitening process?

In addition to paying attention to oral and dental health, the permanence of the teeth whitening process is 48 months on average, according to the sensitivity to be shown about the consumption of foods that are harmful to dental health.

However, if the teeth are brushed twice a day, floss is used once a day, care is taken to use mouthwash and attention is paid to food consumption, this period will be much longer.

Does teeth whitening Antalya cause pain?

In tooth whitening, which is not a painful procedure, tooth sensitivity can be seen for only a few days after the procedure. However, if this process is done with some products on the market without the approval of the specialist dentist, pain may occur. Because many teeth whitening products such as tooth whitening gel, tooth whitening tape, tooth whitening powder that are not suitable for tooth structure can damage the gums and tooth enamel.

Teeth whitening (bleaching) must be done in a clinical setting and by a specialist and experienced dentist.

Does Teeth Whitening Harm Teeth? Is Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) Harmful?

If a specialist dentist is examined and necessary treatments are performed before the whitening process, the teeth whitening process will not cause any harm to the teeth. On the contrary, since the necessary treatments for oral and dental health are performed before the bleaching process and the infrastructure necessary for aesthetic intervention is created, a beneficial procedure is performed for the teeth.

When teeth whitening Antalya is performed by specialist dentists, the self-confidence created by white teeth will come together with an aesthetic smile and your quality of life will increase.

Are there any teeth whitening methods at home?

When you do teeth whitening at home on your own, you may encounter various problems and cause permanent damage to your teeth.

Since home bleaching can damage your teeth and gums, teeth whitening should be done by specialist dentists in a clinical setting.

Are there teeth whitening machines?

There are a number of teeth whitening tools on the market that are not recommended by specialist dentists. These tools can also damage tooth enamel. When tooth enamel is damaged, stains occur on the teeth after a short time. The most accurate application of the teeth whitening process is the one performed in the clinical environment, with specially made plaques and using the gel suitable for the health of the person.

Is teeth whitening sufficient for oral and dental health?

Teeth whitening is not enough for oral and dental health. Moreover;

  • Treating gum disease,
  • Treating orthodontic problems,
  • Cleaning of calculus,
  • Extraction of unrecoverable decayed teeth that will impair the jaw structure and dental health,
  • Treatment of dental caries,

Such procedures are necessary for oral and dental health. Although each is a different process, they are all part of a whole. In addition to ideal oral and dental health, your dentist must check your oral and dental health and deem these procedures appropriate for you for aesthetically pleasing white teeth.