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White Tooth Filling in Antalya, Turkey

Our teeth, which are the most important structures that make up our smile, can be damaged over time due to decay, breakage and damage. These damages in our teeth are treated and repaired with suitable dental filling materials. In this context, the most known dental filling treatment application is amalgam filling. In this filling application, materials in gray and silver color, which are considered very unpleasant by the patients, and cause a bad appearance in the teeth are used.

aesthetic teeth filling turkey

In recent years, within the scope of technological and scientific developments in the field of dentistry, composite filling (aesthetic) have entered our lives. Thanks to these dental filling materials, whose popularity is rapidly increasing, aesthetic dental filling treatment, which creates a more beautiful and aesthetic appearance in the teeth, has started to come to the fore.

Aesthetic dental filling treatment has become a primarily preferred application because it provides a more natural tooth appearance. Composite fillings, also called white fillings, can be applied on both anterior and posterior teeth, and the presence of a filling in the mouth is not understood when viewed from the outside. These fillings, which have a solid structure as well as providing an aesthetic appearance, are widely used today.

What is composite filling (aesthetic tooth filling) in Antalya?

Aesthetic filling is an application that is applied to the teeth that are somehow damaged (broken, cracked, bruised, etc.) or that do not have an aesthetically good appearance (short teeth, gap between teeth, deformities in teeth, discolored teeth, etc.), by covering the tooth surface with composite filling materials without little or no abrasion, so that the person has an aesthetic, natural and beautiful smile design.

The color of the aesthetic filling is prepared in harmony with the tooth color of the person. Thus, after the aesthetic filling process, it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between the filling and the natural tooth. Thus, a very natural and aesthetic appearance is given to your teeth and smile. In addition to providing an aesthetic appearance, the composite filling also allows the teeth to be used in a functional way because it is quite durable.

Who can have composite filling (aesthetic tooth filling)?

Composite filling has a wide application opportunity within the scope of dental treatment and dental aesthetics and can be applied to almost everyone. In this context;

  • Especially those who have a split tooth structure in their front teeth (diastema)
  • Those who have rotten and broken teeth in their front and back teeth
  • Those who have yellowing in the color of their teeth for different reasons over time
  • Those who want to lengthen their teeth for a more beautiful and youthful smile aesthetic
  • Those with mild tooth crookedness
  • Those with weak tooth enamel layer development (Enamel hypoplasia)
  • Those who want to have a more aesthetic and natural smile can make this application.

Why is composite filling (aesthetic tooth filling) preferred in Antalya?

Aesthetic tooth filling (composite filling) application has emerged due to reasons such as amalgam fillings contain heavy metals, create an ugly appearance in the mouth and disrupt dental aesthetics. As for the reasons that make this application attractive today;

Aesthetic tooth filling can be made in accordance with the natural tooth color and shape of the person.

With this dental filling application, the composite filling and the natural tooth have the same structure that cannot be distinguished from each other.

When viewed from the outside, the tooth and the filling cannot be distinguished from each other,

In addition to providing a beautiful appearance of composite filling, as a result of technological developments in recent years, it is very strong, durable and long-lasting.

It can be done in a short time and effortlessly without loss of time and the results can be seen immediately

Achieving a beautiful smile aesthetic and a healthy tooth structure at the same time

Can be applied to all teeth in the mouth

How is composite filling made?

Aesthetic dental filling is an extremely easy and simple application, and it does not have great difficulties for the patient. It is a procedure that can be completed in one day and at once without serious pain and suffering. Composite filling application is carried out in order as follows:

The area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthesia.

Tooth filling, decayed or damaged tooth or teeth are cleaned and brought to a healthier state.

The color of the filling is determined with the help of the color scale to be most suitable for the tooth color.

The tooth is shaped to ensure that the white filling (composite) adheres better.

Beveling is applied to expand the surface area on the cavity so that the dental filling can hold onto the tooth more strongly.

In the anterior teeth, the tooth surface is smoothed and then bonding is performed, which ensures the adhesion of the tooth filling material to the tooth. In the posterior teeth, the composite filling material prepared in the specified color is placed in the opened tooth cavities.

In order to ensure that the filling is stronger and reaches the desired hardness, radiation is applied each time.

If necessary, protrusions and excesses are corrected and aesthetic filling is smoothed.

After all these processes are finished, the teeth are polished with the polishing process and the process is completed.

Thus, in one or two sessions in a few days, aesthetic filling can be done without much effort and a perfect smile is obtained.

Are there different types of aesthetic tooth filling?

Tooth Filling in Turkey, Composite Filling

There are multiple types of aesthetic dental fillings with different application techniques. Depending on whether the tooth to be filled is anterior or posterior, the preferred aesthetic filling method may differ.

Composite bonding application

The most preferred aesthetic method for anterior tooth filling is bonding. This application can be applied to all teeth. However, it is generally preferred more for anterior teeth. The best aesthetic method by which individuals can correct the gaps and slight distortions in their front teeth is the anterior tooth filling (bonding) method.

Composite bonding is a type of treatment that can be performed at once and in a short time. In this treatment; After the appropriate color selection is made, taking into account the natural color of the tooth, the color of the teeth that will not be treated, and the color harmony of the teeth and gums, the current state of the teeth is checked. Preparation is performed on the teeth. The composite filling material (aesthetic filling material) to be applied is placed on the teeth in layers and the application begins. Necessary corrections are made and finally the process is completed by applying the polishing process.

The main reason why this application is very successful and preferred very often is that the composite filling material used can show very similar properties to the natural tooth in terms of strength, color and appearance. This application is used quite frequently in the treatment of smile design.

Onley and inlay application

It is an aesthetic dental filling method in which porcelain ceramic filling material is used, which is also known as porcelain filling in the society and is mostly applied to the back teeth. This method is applied on teeth where it is difficult to perform normal filling process and where excessive loss of tooth structure is experienced due to tooth decay. Inlay and onlay aesthetic tooth filling method is a type of treatment between normal filling and tooth coating. It is a method applied in cases where there is not enough loss in the tooth to require veneer, but it is very difficult to make a normal filling.

The difference between these two types of fillings is related to the area of the tooth they are applied to and the size of the loss in the tooth. Inlay dental filling is used to repair damage to a specific surface of the tooth. It is used to treat tooth tissue losses that occur only between these ridges, similar to the normal dental filling and not containing the chewing mounds (tubercle) of the tooth. The treatment is completed by filling the gap in the tooth completely.

Onlay dental filling, on the other hand, is a treatment method applied to cover the chewing mounds of the tooth and is more comprehensive than inlay filling. Neither of these two fillings can be applied directly by the dentist immediately. These aesthetic fillings are applied to the teeth after they are produced in the laboratory after special measurements, according to the structure of the tooth and the extent of tooth loss.

Types of inlay/onlay dental fillings are not as fast a treatment as bonding. Since these fillings are produced in the laboratory according to the tooth measurements taken, the treatment can take two sessions.

In inlay/onlay filling methods, the decayed part of the tooth is cleaned at the first appointment, as in normal dental fillings. Root canal treatment is done. Then, the measurement of the tooth and its circumference is taken with digital modeling or a material such as putty. The tooth is closed with a temporary filling. The measurements taken are sent to the laboratory and the fillings are prepared. In the second appointment, the temporary filling is removed and the inlay/onlay filling is tried. It is then polished and adhered to the tooth.

The advantages of inlay/onlay dental fillings are that they are stronger and longer lasting, they do not require any extra care other than normal oral care practices, the natural tooth structure is preserved as much as possible, and they are more resistant to abrasion than other fillings.

With this aesthetic dental filling treatment, besides gaining an aesthetic appearance of the teeth, the functional structure of the teeth is regained, and an important treatment in terms of oral health is made.

What should be considered after composite filling (aesthetic tooth filling) procedure?

After the treatment, food should not be eaten for 2 hours after the filling in order to avoid situations such as chewing and biting the tongue and lips due to numbness in the mouth with the effect of anesthesia. If necessary, only liquid or soft foods should be preferred.

Since tooth sensitivity develops after treatment, acidic, hot and cold drinks should be avoided.

Extremely hard products that will cause fragmentation and breakage in the filling should be avoided.

Oral care should be taken care of.

Especially if the anterior tooth filling (composite bonding) has been applied, things such as tea, cigarettes and coffee that may cause discoloration in the filling for a few days should be avoided.

How is oral and dental care done after composite filling (aesthetic tooth filling)?

It is extremely important that you follow the advice given to you by your dentist after the aesthetic tooth filling process. Because following these recommendations is closely related to the life of your composite filling. Proper oral care is one of them. For this purpose, the teeth should be brushed with toothpaste at least twice a day and the spaces between the teeth should be cleaned with dental floss. Hard toothbrushes and toothpastes containing abrasive substances should not be used. Because such toothpastes erode the polished surface, causing the polish to disappear.

In addition to oral and dental care, it is important to perform routine dentist checks. In these control examinations, things such as whether there is a color change in the aesthetic filling, the condition of the white filling, that is, the composite filling, are checked and if any, problems are corrected.

It is recommended to polish the teeth with aesthetic tooth filling twice a year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aesthetic Tooth Filling

Are composite fillers durable?

One of the most frequently asked questions about composite fillings is whether they are durable or not. Composite materials used as aesthetic dental fillings have gained a much more durable structure with the help of advancing technology. In terms of durability and the use of the functional structure of the tooth, there is no problem in aesthetic dental fillings. Therefore, we can say that aesthetic dental filling materials are as durable, robust and functional as natural teeth. When a very serious blow is taken, normal teeth can also be cracked and broken, as well as in these fillings. In this case, the filling can be renewed.

Will composite filler fall off?

The correct composite filling is not reduced. When the applications are made carefully and meticulously, the filler is very low. However, it may be likely that aesthetic tooth filling will fall off in case of a large impact on the tooth. Therefore, the selection of a specialist and experienced dentist in the field and the right-hand care of the mouth and the right to reduce the likelihood of falling off.

What is the lifespan of composite fillings?

Another issue of aesthetic tooth filling is the life of aesthetic tooth fillings. As in many other dental treatment, the life of white filling may vary according to various factors. The first is the patient's oral and dental cleaning after treatment. If oral care processes such as toothbrush twice a day after treatment and the use of dental floss are applied carefully and meticulously, problems such as opening and leakage of aesthetic tooth fillers do not occur and fillings may have longer life.

Secondly, routine control examinations are performed by the dentist every six months. These routine examinations are extremely important. Because in these controls, the condition of the fillings is examined and the fillings are polished when necessary.

Third and finally, the correcting of the aesthetic tooth filling treatment and the quality of the filling material used at this stage play an important role. Composite filling materials have an aesthetic appearance with the help of developing technology in recent years, but also have an extremely robust and durable structure. Therefore, it can be used for many years without any problems. The correct aesthetic tooth filling process performed by an experienced and expert dentist is very important for longer use of the filling.

In general, if white tooth fillings are made appropriately and pay attention to the above -mentioned factors, they will have a long and problem -free period of use between 5 to 10 years. In case of any problems, it is worth mentioning that it is possible for aesthetic tooth fillings to be renewed.

How long does composite filling take?

Composite filling process; The aesthetic filling type (bonding or inley/onley) varies depending on the fact that the teeth to be made are in front or back, the number of teeth to be filling and the condition of the teeth (excessive rotten and broken). In the first examination, the estimated period can be calculated for a while, taking into account these factors. Generally; The filling of the posterior teeth is completed in 2 sessions, while the filling of the anterior teeth can be completed in 1 session. The duration of the aesthetic tooth filling process of 5-7 teeth varies according to the condition of the teeth, but can take an average of 6-7 hours.

Does composite filling (aesthetic tooth filling) treatment hurt?

When the composite filling treatment is performed, the necessary local anesthesia is applied to the patient does not feel pain. Therefore, the person does not feel any pain or pain during treatment. Therefore, there is no pain and pain during the application.

What happens to my teeth after composite filling?

In particular, if the gaps between the teeth are filled and slight distortions are removed by making a composite bonding application, some sounds may not be clear in your speech in the early days.

After the aesthetic tooth filling (white fill) process, the hot and cold sensitivity of your teeth may occur in the early days. This is completely normal. With the compliance of the tooth and filling over time, this situation disappears in a short time. This period can sometimes take up to 2 weeks.

Since the teeth with aesthetic filling are isolated with a moisture -resistant substance during treatment, color differences may occur to the degree that can be noticed with the eye. When these dried teeth take moisture again in 1-2 days, their colors become old.

Is there much pain after composite filling?

Since hot cold sensitivity will increase after aesthetic tooth filling, you may feel some whining in your teeth. In the gums; Red, swelling, mild bleeding and gum pain may develop while brushing. During chewing, your teeth may have pain from time to time. These complaints are completely eliminated after a certain period of time and you can normally continue to use your teeth.

How much is the composite filling cost (white filling cost) in Turkey?

Aesthetic tooth filling cost (composite filling cost); Depending on the number of teeth to be filled, the antrior or posterior tooth and the aesthetic tooth filling type may vary. The filling process is included in the application of channel treatment. Therefore, it is not possible to say an average aesthetic tooth filling cost. The most accurate information about aesthetic type dental filling cost is obtained by interview with your dentist.

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